Bachelor of Politics

Your study of government will provide a rich mixture of the real and the ideal, of values frequently in conflict with both each other and the practical obstacles that stand in their way. These interactions confront us every day as individuals, citizens of our nation, and members of the global community.

About the Major

To develop breadth and depth of knowledge, you’ll take a special core curriculum designed especially for OWU politics and government majors. Working closely with your faculty advisor, you’ll select courses in each core area to meet your unique interests and career goals. The department offers a five-course minor as well.

Politics and Government Major

To foster both breadth and depth of knowledge, the department has designed a special core curriculum for politics and government majors. Among the total of 10-13 departmental courses, students select at least one from each of four areas: American politics, international relations, comparative politics, and political theory. Working closely with a faculty advisor, the student selects in each area the courses best suited to his or her particular interests and career goals. The department offers a five-course minor as well.

In order to declare a politics and government major, a student must have either a) a 2.5 cumulative University grade point average or b) a 2.0 cumulative University grade point average and have earned a B- or higher in one course in the department.

Major Requirements

The major must complete at least 10 courses in the department including the following:

  • Two of the following introductory courses: PG 111, PG 112, or PG 113. Alternatively, students may satisfy the introductory requirement by earning a B- or higher in one of these courses taken at OWU. No more than two introductory courses may count toward the major.
  • PG 279 and PG 499
  • At least one course in each of the following subfields: (I) American politics (PG 260, PG 261, PG 350, PG 351, PG 352, PG 353, PG 354, PG 355, PG 356, PG 357, PG 358, or PG 359); (II) International relations (PG 360, PG 361, PG 362, PG 363, PG 364, or PG 365); (III) Comparative politics (PG 344, PG 346, PG 347, PG 348, or PG 349); and (IV) Political Theory (PG 300 34, PG 371, PG 372, PG 373, or PG 374).

Learning Objectives


  • Understand the major concepts and theories in political science and how to apply these to practical politics.
  • Understand political institutions and how individuals and groups make, participate in, and are affected by political decisions.
  • Understand diverse perspectives on politics and diverse political systems and cultures around the world.


  • Think critically: identify and question assumptions, understand diverse perspectives, and recognize connections between ideas
  • Conduct research: find and critically evaluate sources of information, use political science methods to evaluate political institutions, behavior, and events
  • Argue effectively: defend well-reasoned positions with evidence
  • Communicate ideas effectively both verbally and in writing


  • Develop and practice values of citizenship and public service

Think Big

Undergraduate research is a core part of The OWU Connection, and the Politics & Government Department promotes independent projects and research with OWU professors. Students often present their results at national and regional conferences.

Students take full advantage of OWU's diverse liberal arts curriculum and often connect two areas in research projects or choose to double major.

Go Global

OWU offers a variety of ways for you to take your learning off campus. From your first year, you can take Travel-Learning Courses. You can also study abroad for a semester or get a Connection Grant for a project anywhere in the world.

Recent Travel-Learning Courses related to politics and government have taken students to Korea, Argentina, and the United Kingdom.

Get Real

Build experience, knowledge, and networks with the real professional world with internships where the political action is.

Through the Wesleyan in Washington program, you will live and work in Washington, D.C. An intensive, full-time internship experience, the program matches you with internship placements that precisely reflect your interests and professional goals.

Inspired Teaching

OWU faculties are outstanding scholars and researchers—and passionate teachers. They will push you, challenge you, inspire you, and work with you on your own research and creative projects.

They can even pack a 3-minute lecture with ideas, insight, and imagination. Check out our unique I³ lectures.

Program taught in:
  • English (US)

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