Bachelor in Political Science and World Politics


Program Description

Programme Overview

  1. This programme is designed for students interested in understanding international and domestic politics and will prepare graduates for careers in government and policymaking, international business, and non-governmental organizations, or for further study.
  2. The programme’s curriculum combines political science, public policy studies, international relations, and project management and covers the key methodologies and theories in contemporary political science.
  3. The programme combines theoretical knowledge of political science with analysis of regional particularities of political and social processes.
  4. Comparative political analysis of political and social processes in different countries allows students to acquire expertise in the functioning of contemporary governments and their interactions with civil society and business organizations.
  5. Training in international relations will enhance understanding of contemporary modes of international cooperation and global political processes.
  6. By studying the basics of project management the students will get hands-on experience of real-life approaches to political issues.
  7. The programme offers two "geopolitical" tracks:
  • Northern Europe in the European Union;
  • BRICS and Russian Studies; and offers language training in either German or Chinese.

Political Science

  • Major Concepts in Political Science;
  • Comparative Politics;
  • Introduction to Policy Analysis;
  • Political Geography;
  • Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior;
  • History of Russia;
  • World History;
  • Political Sociology.

Public Policy Studies

  • Social Policy;
  • Economic Policy;
  • Public Economics;
  • Interest Group Politics;
  • Politics and Media;
  • Migration Policy;
  • Human Rights
  • Ethnicity, Religion, and Politics;
  • Environmental and Energy Politics;
  • Urban and Regional Studies.

World Politics & International Relations

  • Introduction to World Politics & International Relations;
  • European Integration;
  • Politics and Society in European Countries;
  • Politics and Societies in the BRICS states;
  • International conflict resolution;
  • Cross-cultural communications;
  • International Law;
  • International Trade and Investment.

Project Management

  • Introduction to Project Management;
  • Political and Social Campaigns;
  • Public and Governmental Relations.

International Admission Requirements

International applicants to this Bachelor’s degree programme should meet the General Undergraduate Admission Requirements and the following programme-specific requirements:

  1. Successful passing of 2 entrance examinations:
  • English language
  • World History ( in English)

In 2018 international applicants might be provided with the opportunity to pass entrance examinations in a remote form in their home country or in person in St. Petersburg.

Applicants receive the guidelines for exams registration after the interview with Programme’s selection committee.

Last updated Feb 2020

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