How much do we know about the political mechanisms that directly affect our lives? What is the state? Why are there political parties? How does civil society relate to the politics of the media? To what extent does the economy determine politics? Where do identities fit into the political system? Why do nations make war? Why is the US involved in Iraq? Where is the international system going? Is Turkey’s international position changing? These are just a few of the questions discussed in the field of Political Science and International Relations. This discipline examines many issues: from the operation of state and local governments to international issues; from national politics to global politics; from cultural interaction to the political and social consequences of the economic crisis.

The Political Science and International Relations Department at Istanbul Şehir University, in Short

In our department, you’ll have the chance to design a program specific to your needs. For this purpose, we’ve grouped our courses under the following distinctive modules: Politics and Diplomacy, Public Administration and Local Government, Business-Administration, and Media and Civil Society. With effective counseling, you’ll have the chance to benefit from our flexible modular system and freely develop in the field of your choice. In addition, we’ve created an academic framework that will allow you to gain professional knowledge and skills, academic and social sensitivity, an interdisciplinary and holistic perspective and intellectual depth.

What Can Political Science and International Relations Majors Do After Graduation?

After graduation, you might have a career in a national or international foundation or company, a public institution, the communications and media sector, a bank, various fields in the private sector, a civil society organization, a university, or a research center. In addition, you’ll be eligible to apply to the KPSS Group A staff. Jobs in the State Department, the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union, the State Planning Organization, the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the World Bank, various ministries, in banks as undersecretaries or assistant inspectors and other expert positions await you.


  • PLO 1. To acquire an advanced knowledge of the existing theoretical approaches, concepts, and methodology in the field of Political Science and International Relations.
  • PLO 2. To get hold of the ability to deploy the theoretical, conceptual and methodological knowledge in the area of Political Science and International Relations.
  • PLO 3. To obtain the basic knowledge of other sub-branches of social sciences such as history, sociology, psychology, and economy to the extent that they overlap with Political Science and International Relations and the ability to use this knowledge within an interdisciplinary framework.
  • PLO 4. To gain the ability of a critical and analytical assessment of issues relating to Political Science and International Relations.
  • PLO 5. To attain the capacity to evaluate the national, regional and global problems within a historical continuum through the insight gained by the knowledge and methods of Political Science and International Relations.
  • PLO 6. To acquire the ability to critically evaluate, discuss and possibly propose solutions in respect of the dynamics, causes, and effects of political, economic, social and cultural facts as well as of the emergence and transformation of political actors and institutions.
  • PLO 7. To obtain the competency to follow the current academic literature and publications in Political Science and International Relations and to make an evaluation and discussion of the issues related to this topic.
  • PLO 8. To be able to communicate orally and in writing in regard to topics associated with human sciences, in addition to Political Science and International Relations; to conduct independent research and to join in teamwork.
  • PLO 9. To be able to obtain the required skills for gathering data, making analysis and reporting from sources found in the library and other academic sources of information; to write competently written texts based on the rules of academic writing and make oral presentations in areas related, inter alia, to Political Science and International Relations.
  • PLO 10. To be able to utilize, develop and share the acquired knowledge, skills and methods for the benefit of society based on an awareness of social responsibility and ethical values.
  • PLO 11. To gain skills to formulate original ideas in a climate of open and mutually interacting accumulations of thought.
  • PLO 12. To attain the ability to use the necessary information and communication technology specifically in Political Science and International Relations and generally in human sciences.
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