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Program Description

In the actual circumstances of economic and energy crises the agricultural production in Europe faces important challenges on how and where to produce for increasingly demanding consumers and a competitive market in a sustainable way in all aspects. The future managers and advisors in the sector need more than ever first-hand knowledge about innovative techniques in greenhouse and open field crop production and skills of international business management. The students study at Aeres UAS in Dronten (The Netherlands) and Groupe ESA in Angers (France).

Graduates of this course will have first-hand knowledge of horticultural practices in the Netherlands, one of the leading EU countries in horticulture and plant breeding. Graduates will gain valuable insight into the contrasts in business culture and work ethics that exist between regions in Europe. The study includes the professional competencies required for those positions in businesses, industries, government and other national and international institutions where plant production is an important topic. The professional tasks given to professionals in these positions are the backbone of your study.

The added value of your studies in France

The Groupe ESA is located in Western France, the leading French agricultural and agri-business region. With its 2,630 students, Groupe ESA is the largest institute of higher education for life sciences in France. It offers a wide range of programmes in 10 major sectors of activity: farming, food, landscape management, environment, horticulture, viticulture, retailing, trade, agribusiness management and town & country planning.

The main features of the educational experience at Groupe ESA are focusing on intensive coaching and a desire to develop a sense of entrepreneurship with a close relationship with business life. The constant exchange with business life allows Groupe ESA to stay in tune with the challenges and realities of the workplace. Angers is a vibrant city with an exceptional heritage, only 90 minutes from Paris and 60 minutes from the Atlantic. Because of the long tradition of horticulture, Angers is today the most important centre for crop production and processing in Europe, notably seeds. It is also a first class economic centre for the food industry, banks and logistics companies.

Studying in the Netherlands and France gives students the opportunity to discover other cultures and develop the human qualities of respect, open-mindedness, tolerance and resourcefulness.


Successful graduates will be competent in the following areas of expertise:

  • Research, innovation and development in the agricultural sector
  • Plant production/horitcultural advisory services
  • Commercial activities, national and international
  • Entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector
  • Market development and marketing strategies for agricultural products
  • National or EU policy institutes

Double degree

Aeres University of Applied Sciences and Groupe ESA offer an English-language double European Engineer Degree programme (EED) for students in the plant production sector for a successful career in one of the following professional profiles:

  • Research, development and innovation in the plant / horticulture production sector
  • Consultant and advisor
  • Sales and account manager
  • Entrepreneurship and business management


Successful applicants for the 1.5 year Bachelor degree courses must have:

  • Completed BTS, DUT, HND or Licence 2 or at least three years of university study in agriculture or a related subject
  • A minimum score of 550 in the TOEFL English test or a formally recognised equivalent such as the IELTS (level 6.0) or IBT (79)
  • The ability to formulate coherently in written English, and to have a vision of the chosen jarea of interest. Essay writing is part of the selection procedure
  • Strong motivation to be successful in the sector
  • Team spirit, a flexible attitude in an international working environment
  • Funding in the form of a grant or a stipend, or private means


After successfully completing this one-year programme, graduates will receive an Ingenieur degree (bachelor´s honours degree) and the Licence Professionelle in Horticulture and Arable Farming.

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Talent to grow. That is what Aeres University of Applied Sciences stands for. Our university is rooted in the agricultural and educational higher education. We focus on education, research and sharing knowledge. This is how we contribute to the development of innovative professionals. Professionals who are capable of taking responsible decisions in a complex world, with a natural talent for acting sustainable. Read less
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