Belonging to the first-class discipline of oil and natural gas engineering, Petroleum Engineering aims to foster professional talents for the petroleum industry. This major has two directions, Well Drilling Engineering and Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering. To be specific, well-drilling engineering is a process to understand the stratum deposition situation, to judge the storage information of oil and gas, to construct the oil and gas exploit channel by drilling the stratum into a circular hole with petroleum machinery and technology. The process includes oil and gas drilling and completion engineering, oil and gas well measure and test engineering, oil and gas protection and repair engineering.

Oil and gas field development engineering is to set up reasonable development projects and practice exploitation and production on oil and gas fields from the perspective of the real circumstance and productive regulations of oil and gas fields, in order to achieve long-term production with the expected productive capability and generate remarkable profits. This direction includes oil and gas reservoir engineering, oil and gas production engineering, oil and gas reservoir protection and oil recovery enhancement, etc.

Being the major discipline of CUP, Petroleum Engineering started recruiting undergraduate student form 1990, and became one of the first colleges and universities characteristic specialized construction points of the Ministry of Education. All the facts indicate that the discipline of petroleum engineering in our college has achieved the leading level within the country. Besides the normal teaching pattern, this discipline has also set up various programs like Innovation Class, Brilliant Class, Order Class, Double Degree Class, to diversify the talent training patterns.


To train innovative, practical and internationalized professionals with broad basic theoretical knowledge, solid practical capability, active innovation spirits, international perspective and outstanding personal qualities, to meet the needs of the socialistic construction and scientific development, to practice engineering design, production construction, site management and international cooperation.

Core Courses

Title Hours Credit

  • Mechanical Drawing 40 2.5
  • Theoretical Mechanics 32 2
  • Mechanics of Materials 48 3
  • Petrophysics 48 3
  • Fluid Mechanics 64 4
  • Fluid Mechanics in Porous Medium 56 3.5
  • Well Drilling Engineering 48 3
  • Well Completion Engineering 48 3
  • Oil Reservoir Engineering 48 3
  • Production Engineering 48 3

Graduation & Degree Requirements

  • Requirement of fostering time: 4 years. 3-6 years of schooling time.
  • Degree Awarded: BE(Bachelor of Engineering)

Requirement of credit:

  • Minimum credits: 175
  • Compulsory credits: 96.5
  • Elective courses minimum credits: 46.5
  • Practice credits: 32

CET-4 certificate is a must to get the degree.

Career Prospects

Due to the solid professional knowledge and constructive quality, the graduates have successfully maintained a high employment rate of 95%. Moreover, 85% of the graduates go to main state-owned corporations like CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC, SINOCHEM, as well as famous foreign corporations to practice engineering design, construction and management, research and scientific and technological development in well drilling and completion, oil production engineering, oil reservoir engineering, reservoir assessment, etc.

Another part of the outstanding students go on with further study in graduate schools at home or abroad.

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4 years
25,000 CNY
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June 30, 2019
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Application deadline
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June 30, 2019