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Program Description

We are training a new generation of communication specialists.

New media is described as the emerging and developing platforms (such as the internet, mobile, network-based websites, news websites, search engines, blogs, wikis, and social media) resulting from the convergence of information technologies, communication networks, and the media sector. Traditional media channels such as newspapers, radio, and TV channels are also converging with new media. These rapid developments necessitate the learning of new specialized skills in the new media field.

Our alumni profile

As Kadir Has University Department of New Media, we raise "communication specialists" who have the various skills and qualifications required in an increasingly converging media environment. Our graduates can follow and are able to analyze new developments in the field and hold specific skills in an area of expertise.

Why Khas New Media?

Our department was founded in 2009 as the first of its kind in Turkey. In a fast evolving academic field, the curriculum of the program was updated recently because it was the right time to do so.

Starting from their 3rd year, our students are directed to special areas of expertise according to their tendencies and skills. They either choose Content Production/Management (Production) or Business as their area of expertise. Alternatively, they can finish a combined program by taking classes from the third pool of classes in new media.

In this way, they receive an interdisciplinary communication training and also specialize in at least one field thoroughly. In addition to their diploma, they are given a certificate of expertise when they graduate.

Furthermore, they can complete double major and minor programs to develop their areas of expertise.

In sum, new communicators who can respond to the current needs of the communication field graduate from our department.

Relations with the sector

In collaboration with important new media players such as Dağ Media and Publishers' Association, within the framework of our new program supported with part-time instructors from the sector, our students spend most of their time in practice studios starting from the second year.

Study Abroad opportunities

Besides Erasmus agreements and student exchange programs, our program has a double-degree agreement with Coventry University in the United Kingdom. Accordingly, our students spend their final year in the related department in the UK and earn a double certificate of graduation at the end of their education.

Information on the Institution

Program in New Media was founded in 2009.

Qualification Awarded/Level of Qualification

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons)-Level 6

Admission Requirements

Applicants should obtain the required scores from Transition to Higher Education Examination (YGS), First Cycle Placement Test (LYS/Verbal 1), and Direct Transfer Test (DGS). Placements are centrally organized by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). International students applying for the program must follow the admissions criteria determined by Kadir Has University. Students can transfer into the program by following Kadir Has University regulations on the basis concerning the horizontal transfer. (Further information:

Recognition of Prior Learning

Students might be exempt for certain courses taken in other institutions upon approval of the dean in the relevant faculty or institute. IB accepted.

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to successfully complete all courses in the curriculum accepted by the Senate (240 ECTS Credits) and have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.00/4.00.

Definition of the Program

Does the New Media BA program develop students? theoretical and practical knowledge of interactive, social and, mobile media and other online technologies. Core compulsory courses are complemented by a broad set of options relating to online design and technology, user experience, mobile marketing, new media studies.

Program Outcomes

  1. To be able to demonstrate critical thinking and competent analyzing skills with the high-level knowledge of the fields of communication, humanities, and social sciences.
  2. To be able to demonstrate creative, unique and independent thinking in a way to participate actively in democratic communication and take an active role in production.
  3. To be able to associate different areas of communication, analyze the effects of new media on work life, social life and politics, develop strategies for integrated communication.
  4. To have a command of the technologies and strategies of developing communication in the fields of publishing, management, and entrepreneurship with new media; will be able to operate and transform this process.
  5. To gain the skills of producing, presenting and managing copy, sound, image and video contents for the areas of new media; will have enough experience and knowledge of hardware and software in order to produce them.
  6. To adopt the essential responsibilities and ethic liabilities of their profession with their gained skills and knowledge.
  7. To be able to participate in a professional working environment with the active, productive and responsible vision.
  8. To be able to communicate actively in English and other languages which they learned in order to improve their professional skills and find international job opportunities.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Social media managers, online journalists, mobile marketing specialists, digital broadcasters.

Access to Further Studies

Students can advance to MA study at KHU and outside institutions. There is an MA in New Media at KHU as well.

Evaluation Questionnaires

Course and Instructor Evaluation Questionnaire Graduation Questionnaire Satisfaction Questionnaire.

International Cooperation


Career opportunities

New Media graduates can work as communication specialists in all private or public sector organizations which increasingly need to use the internet and mobile networks more effectively. They can work as a:

  • Reporter, editor or producer in newspapers, radio or TV channels which have started to operate online and on mobile platforms.
  • Communication manager who provides effective communication between public or private agents and organizations, and their target audience in social media.
  • Internet and mobile business managers or entrepreneurs, who move individuals' or organizations' business processes to the internet and mobile environments.
  • As researchers who focus on the individual, social, economic, cultural, political, legal and ethical effects of New Media in the academy or industrial organizations.

Furthermore, all of our graduates can earn a Master's degree in various departments besides New Media.

Last updated Feb 2019

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Kadir Has University (KHU) was founded in 1997, in Istanbul. The university, with its five faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Law and ... Read More

Kadir Has University (KHU) was founded in 1997, in Istanbul. The university, with its five faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Law and Fine Arts, as well as its several vocational schools, is dedicated to becoming a leader in educational and cultural fields in Turkey, as well as establishing itself as an international center for research and scientific development. Read less