Bachelor in Music Production and Recording Arts


Program Description

The Music Production + Recording Arts program is housed in a dedicated multi-studio complex in Dobbs Ferry, New York, twenty-miles from midtown Manhattan.

The Bachelor of Science program is designed to prepare students for careers in Music Production + Recording Arts, with transferable audio skills applicable to Film, Television, Radio, Gaming, Theatre and Multi-Media professions.

After completing foundation courses (42 credits) in Music Theory, Recording Engineering, Electronic Music & Music Business, students select advanced specialized courses (15 credits) with a guided focus (See topics below).

All instructors are working industry professionals bringing “real world” experience into the classroom. Through a “hands-on” curriculum and project-based learning, students develop practical skills while acquiring the critical theoretical knowledge needed to adapt to future technologies.

Student projects are presented each year at a showcase open to the public. Other department activities include student ensembles, guest lectures, a student-managed record label, and professional recording services for the local music community.

Topics of Study
Music Recording and Production Music Editing & Processing
Music Mixing & Mastering Acoustics and Hearing
Sound for Film and Television Sound for Gaming and Animation
MIDI Programming Electronic Music & Synthesis
Concert Sound Reinforcement Remote Recording
Audio System Design & Installation Studio Electronics & Maintenance
Music Theory and Composition Techniques of Underscoring
Music Marketing and Advertising Music Promotion & Merchandising
Artist Management Tour Management
Music Publishing Music Contracts & Legal Affairs

Music Production and Recording Arts Fast Facts

  • Active, hands-on and project-based learning
  • High tech music facilities
    • Studio A: Large Recording Studio
    • Studio B: Mixing, live recording & overdub studio
    • Studio C: Smaller mixing studio
    • Three Electronic Music & Audio Production Labs
  • The Center for Digital Arts serves both Mercy College students and the community by hosting performances, lectures, multi-media screenings, and musical performances

Music Production and Recording Arts (formerly Music Industry and Technology) B.S. Curriculum

Students must complete the following:


9 credits

  • MUSI 103 Theory & Musicianship I (or waiver exam)
  • MUSI 104 Theory & Musicianship II (or waiver exam)
  • MUSI 201 Theory & Musicianship III
Music Production + Recording Arts

36 credits

  • MTEC 100 Music Business I
  • MTEC 200 Music Business II
  • MTEC 101 Audio Production I
  • MTEC 201 Audio Production II
  • MTEC 301 Audio Production III
  • MTEC 302 Audio Production IV
  • MTEC 220 Recording Studio Workshop I
  • MTEC 110 Electronic Music Production I
  • MTEC 210 Electronic Music Production II
  • MTEC 310 Electronic Music Production III
  • MTEC 335 Survey Music Production Styles
  • MTEC 401 Senior Project
Major Electives

15 credits. Choose five courses from below. Courses in related disciplines may be substituted under advisement by the program.

  • MUSI 203 Theory & Musicianship IV
  • MUSI 295 Topics in Music
  • MTEC 225 Sound Reinforcement
  • MTEC 230 Audio System Design & Install
  • MTEC 295 Topics in Music Technology
  • MTEC 315 Electronic Music Production IV
  • MTEC 318 Electronic Music Performance
  • MTEC 320 Recording Studio Workshop II
  • MTEC 325 Audio for Video
  • MTEC 330 Record Studio Production Techniques
  • MTEC 340 Techniques of Underscoring
  • MTEC 350 Advanced Mixing & Editing
  • MTEC 397 Independent Study
  • MTEC 399 Internship Music Technology

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Program Outcomes

By the end of this program, students should be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of theoretical concepts in the discipline
  • Analyze music and sound recordings and present sophisticated judgments orally
  • Demonstrate their technical proficiency with production tools (equipment & software) and associated techniques by completing culminating projects
  • Present professional quality music, audio recordings and other projects related to the discipline
  • Conduct self-directed learning by completing research projects pertaining to Music Production + Recording Arts and present their observations and conclusions

Degree Requirements

  • Students must demonstrate a fundamental understanding of music notation, or complete MUSI 101 Elements of Music before enrolling in the required MUSI 103 Theory & Musicianship I.
  • Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 in all attempted and completed major courses. If the GPA in the major is less than 2.5, the student will be subject to a formal assessment of his/ her aptitude for the subject matter and standing in the program may be dismissed from the major.
  • Students may be required to repeat or take additional courses to achieve the required GPA.
  • Students must pass a final comprehensive department proficiency exam, and complete an approved portfolio to be eligible for graduation.
  • There is a 24-credit residency requirement for the concentration in Music Production + Recording Arts.
  • Students should enroll in MUSI 101, MTEC 101 & MTEC 110, their first fall semester.

Career Opportunities

Representative career opportunities include:

  • Recording engineer for Music
  • Mix engineer and sound editor for Radio/Film/Television
  • Concert sound mixer
  • Location recording engineer
  • Sound design for theater
  • Sound system design and installation
  • Sound engineer/editor for gaming and animation
  • Mastering & manufacturing engineer
  • Audio and music retail sales
  • Equipment and software manufacturing companies
  • Audio/Music trade magazines
  • Music software and systems engineer
  • Corporate teleconferencing and AV support
  • MIDI & Synthesis programmer and technician
  • Composer
  • Producer
  • Record company executive
  • Concert promoter
  • Agent
  • Personal manager
  • Multimedia development
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