Bachelor in Medical Physics


Program Description

  • Faculty Name: Faculty of Informatics and Science
  • Study Domain: Physics
  • Name of the University Program: Medical Physics

Short description of the university program

The length of the undergraduate study program is 3 years. The number of credits: 180 ECTS. All courses within the program of Bachelor of Medical Physics are fully taught and examined in Romanian, Accredited program (A).

  • Type of studies: Full-time
  • The standard length of studies (in years): 3
  • Number of ECTS credits: 180

Academic calendar

  • 1st of October – end of February – courses, exams, the holiday for students and session for retakes – first semester;
  • End of February – mid of June – courses, exams, the holiday for students, summer practice – second semester.
  • Mid of June – mid of September – session for retakes and Diploma exam.

Admission requirements

The list with the required documents for EU and Non-EU applicants, to obtain the Atestat of recognition of studies/Acceptance letter from the Romanian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research can be found here for EU applicants; Application Form for UO – the template for undergraduate studies can be found here.

For the enrollment in the Undergraduate/Master/Ph.D. program taught in Romanian, the candidate will need:

  • Romanian language Certificate – A2/B1/B2 level
  • Romanian Preparatory language year Diploma

Candidates who do not speak Romanian can apply for studies provided in Romanian only if they take a preparatory language course one year before enrollment. At the end of the preparatory year, the candidates will acquire a Romanian language certificate. In case the candidate already has knowledge of the Romanian language, they can take the Romanian language test at the Faculty of Letters and get a language certificate, A2/B1/B2 level.Romanian language certificates will be accepted only from the Romanian Language Institute or Romanian universities accredited to issue such certificates.

Admission process

After obtaining the Atestat of recognition of studies/ Letter of acceptance, the admission process will be conducted according to the methodology for admission to undergraduate studies of the Faculty of Sciences. Police authorization: All foreigners who intend to study and live in Romania for a long period must register with the local police within 3 days after entering the country. After enrollment, they must apply for the residence permit in Oradea.


  1. EU applicants: EU, EEA, and Swiss Confederation citizens do not need a visa for studies but they have the duty to inform the Romanian Immigration Office/Bihor Immigration Office on their stay in Oradea (Oficiul Român pentru Imigrări/Serviciul pentru Imigrări Bihor).
  2. Non-EU applicants: Once the student was accepted for studies and the letter of acceptance was issued, the next step is to pay all the fees and then apply for the Visa to the Romanian Embassy or Romanian Consulate in their home countries. For this, each student has to contact personally the Embassy or the Consulate. In case there is no Romanian diplomatic mission in their country they have to contact one of the closest representations of Romania.

Call for applications

July session:

  • Registration and admission exam: mid of July – end of July.
  • Final results: the beginning of August.

September session:

  • Registration and admission exam: first week of September – mid of September.
  • Final results: the end of September.

Application fee

  • Registration fee: 150 RON (approx. 30 Euro)
  • Appeals fee: 150 RON (approx. 30 Euro)
  • Matriculation fee: 100 RON (approx. 25 Euro)
  • 150 Euro: processing file fee for recognition of studies for foreign candidates.

Tuition fees

  • 2900 RON/year - our national currency: for Romanian and EU candidates.
  • 297 euro/month x 9 months = 2673 EUR/year: for full time and distance learning - for non-EU candidates.

Fee for the preparatory language course (if necessary):

  • 250 EUR/month x 9 months = 2250 EUR / preparatory year: for non-EU candidates.
  • 2700 RON (our national currency)/preparatory year: for EU candidates.

No of available state subsidized places, Grants scholarships, and program administrative costs:

  • EU Students have the same treatment and regulation tuition as Romanian students.
  • Students from Non-EU countries are registered to study on CPV treatment or come as scholars of the Romanian state. Students of Romanian origin, Romanian students residing abroad, as well as students owing two or more citizenships out of which one is Romanian can benefit from a 1/3 discount in paying the tuition fee as granted by the Ministry of Education.
Last updated Sep 2020

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