Bachelor in Mechanical and Sustainability Engineering


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Program Description


Are you curious about sustainable product development? Would you like to learn how to design, develop and analyse smart and sustainable products by selecting the right engineering materials?

The degree programme in Mechanical and Sustainability Engineering at Arcada has a clear focus – smart, functional materials and engineering design. In many cases, the smartness actually lies in the materials. Polymers often offer the perfect combination of properties – the lightweight, mechanical strength, elasticity and low costs of processing are just a few benefits of polymer-based material solutions. During your studies, modern polymer technology and processes are combined with sustainable development and design, and you become an expert in product innovation based on functional materials.

Our degree programme opens the doors to a booming field where engineers are in constant demand. Material and engineering specialists are needed in practically every business field, from the manufacturing industry to their supply chains, as well as in the public sector.

Engineering student in class.

What you will learn

  • Sustainable development within materials technology
  • Polymer technology and processes
  • Designing products and components
  • Modern engineering IT software, such as AutoCAD, Mastercam, and SolidWorks
  • Modern methods of manufacturing, e.g. 3D printing
  • Choosing functional and cost-effective materials

Examples of future positions

  • Process Engineer
  • Product Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Laboratory Engineer
  • Material Engineer
  • Sales Engineer

From a student's perspective

“The courses at Arcada are designed to enable students with problem solving skills in engineering. This also gave me the chance to discover my potential and develop design and analytical skills. Today, I work as the Degree Programme Director at Arcada. In the past years the course designs got even better by being tailored to sustainable thinking in engineering.”

Picture of alumnus

Silas Gebrehiwot, graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Plastic Technology, the forerunner to the programme in Mechanical and Sustainability Engineering

We need to save energy and fresh water

Sustainable material choices are needed all around us in our daily lives. Our society needs to save energy and fresh water, as well as minimize waste from consumption and the production of daily products. During your studies, you will learn about bio-based polymers as sustainable material choices, and the efficient and cost-effective use of materials in general. You will also become familiar with current product applications for conserving energy and freshwater resources.

An international approach

The increasingly international focus of today's labor market is clearly reflected in the degree programmes Arcada offers. The degree program in Mechanical and Sustainability Engineering  is for example closely tied to its parallel programme in Swedish. The idea is to utilize structural networks and learning experiences from the counterpart programme, and also to familiarise international students with the Finnish labor market in a genuinely multicultural environment.

A modern and safe study environment

Arcada’s engineers put their skills to work in a machine laboratory that simulates a plastics factory in miniature. Students learn to master the entire process, from understanding the properties of various materials to product design and the manufacturing of plastic products. The Plastics Laboratory is equipped with all key machinery used in the plastics industry.

Tuition fees and scholarships

Please note that applicants from countries outside the European Union/EEA area are required to pay tuition fees. The cost is 8 500 euros/academic year. 

We offer scholarships for Bachelor's level studies (NB: only for applicants that are required to pay tuition fees). The scholarship covers a maximum of 50 percent of the tuition fee. Based on your study achievements, you can be granted a scholarship starting from your second year onwards. To be eligible for a scholarship, you need to complete 60 ECTS credits during the academic year.

Last updated Nov 2020

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