Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering


Program Description

Application deadline update

  • Non-EU/EEA students: 1 May (the original deadline of 1 April has been extended due to COVID-19)
  • EU/EEA students and students who do not need a study visa/residence permit through VU Amsterdam*: 1 June (the original deadline of 1 May has been extended due to COVID-19)

Perhaps the Bachelor's programme in Mechanical Engineering is just the thing for you. The programme is a collaboration of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Twente.

Innovation and Social Relevance

Mechanical engineers invent, design, make and improve all kinds of machines, constructions, processes and technologies. They can be deployed wherever social issues need high-tech solutions. These solutions might involve new technologies in the care sector, the use of drones for our safety, working on the development of a fuel-efficient hydrogen car that can reduce the use of fossil fuels, and mobile devices and e-bikes that simplify our lives. In short, mechanical engineering is a broadly-based technical degree programme that's highly innovative and has real social relevance.

Invent and create a relevant high-tech product with a team of students

During the degree programme, you'll put into practice the theory you learn from tutorials and lectures. You'll work with groups of students on high-tech designs that are beneficial for people and society: an innovative blood pressure monitor, an e-bike or a waste-collection vehicle for a festival site, for example. You and your team might sometimes even deliver a genuine working prototype!

Practicals and Projects at the University of Twente campus too

To optimize the degree programme and make it as innovative as possible, you’ll take classes taught by lecturers from both VU Amsterdam and the University of Twente. You'll have most of your tutorials and lectures in Amsterdam, and you’ll go to the campus in Enschede for various lectures, practicals and projects.

Your future prospects

Highly educated technicians are very much in demand in the Netherlands. As a mechanical engineering graduate, you'll have excellent job prospects in a broad spectrum of sectors and professions. The fields open to you will include the care sector and the automotive, aircraft, electronics, engineering and chemical industries. You'll be well qualified for a position at large companies such as Shell, Akzo, KLM, TATA steel, MEDcom and ASML, as well as smaller engineering firms and research institutes, like TNO. You'll be able to embark on a career as, for instance, a technical advisor or a product or project manager, or you can even set up your own business.

This is what you'll be doing

The Bachelor's programme lasts three years and is divided into six semesters, each of which is six months in length. The semesters of the first two academic years all have a specific theme:

  • Smart factories/manufacturing
  • Energy transition and sustainability
  • Resilience and maintenance
  • Technology for healthcare

Your subjects:

  • In your first year, you'll start directly with the basic mechanical engineering disciplines mechanics & materials science, design & production and thermodynamics & life cycle analysis. Mathematics is integrated into all the mechanical engineering subjects so its significance will immediately be evident. Academic and professional skills will also be covered. You'll spend around 50 per cent of your time on team projects tackling current problems and on tutorials.
  • In your second year, the disciplines covered will include dynamics, plastics, physics of fluids, control systems engineering and academic and professional skills. The programme will comprise a combination of theory (lectures and independent study) and solving current problems (projects and tutorials), as was the case in your first year.
  • Finally, in your third year, you'll take the minor of your choice and work on your graduation research.
Last updated Feb 2020

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