Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering


Program Description

The Carl Benz School of Engineering offers high school graduates the unique opportunity to study internationally renowned German Engineering in English. The 3-year bachelor’s program aims to prepare future engineers for a successful career.

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is ranked #1 in employability amongst all German universities and achieves numerous top placements in the field of engineering every year (see KIT Rankings). As the Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT, the Carl Benz School of Engineering offers high-quality lectures by excellent professors of the KIT. All students receive an individualized all-in-one service package, support, additional training and study guidance in order to develop their professional profile.

Basic criteria for admission include excellent grades in mathematics and physics. Furthermore, applicants must be proficient in the English language. Recommended High School degrees are an International Baccalaureate, A-Level or Abitur.

What is the Bachelor's Degree all about?

The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) program in Mechanical Engineering (International) at Carl Benz School is completed over a duration of 3 years (6 semesters). The program begins with a so-called Pre-Semester, a preparatory course in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English. After two years of intermediate studies, which cover the basic concepts of mechanical engineering, the students can choose to specialize in either Automotive Engineering, Energy Engineering or Global Production Management. Carl Benz School students will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree from KIT. The Bachelor program comprises lectures, tutorials, and lab courses with lecturers and tutors coming from different institutes of the KIT. This ensures that the quality of the subjects taught to meet the highest standards.

In addition to the academic demands, students are also encouraged to complete an industrial internship. The hands-on industry training program Smart Factory∂Industry is new and unique worldwide. The traineeship will foster the career perspectives of our students our German industry partners and provide them with an industry network including potential employers at a very early stage of their academic career. The program is rounded off by supplementary studies, such as language courses, cultural studies, soft skills courses, and social events.

Prospective Students

A passion for science? Interested in creating inventions? The desire to pursue an international career? Then Carl Benz School the Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT is the perfect fit!

Engineers apply scientific and mathematical principles to create a system or technical product to meet a specific need that benefits our society. Therefore, the most fundamental requirement for becoming mechanical engineering is a strong interest in studying and understanding machines. But what else characterizes a successful engineer? We compiled some qualities engineering students should have:

  • Strong in mathematics and science
  • Detail oriented and highly analytical
  • Imaginative and creative
  • Good communication skills
  • Team worker
  • Enjoy building or improving the way things work

At Carl Benz School students from all over the world live together on one campus to pursue their dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. We expect our students to be open-minded and tolerant as well as determined to excel in their studies. Studying mechanical engineering requires a great amount of self-discipline and hard work. Nevertheless, student life is not only about studying but also the building of friendships and life-long connections. An interest in other cultures and especially the German culture will enrich the students experience at Carl Benz School.

Curriculum and Specializations


At Carl Benz School, students begin with developing their skills with fundamental courses (Semester 1 - 4). In the last year of their studies (Semester 5 - 6), the students can choose, according to their interest and strengths, between the majors of Automotive Engineering, Energy Engineering, or Global Production Management. By this, they are given the opportunity to specialize in one of the most promising subjects relevant to the future of Engineering.

To make sure that the students are well-prepared for their final exams, some subjects even require to fulfill certain criteria, for example, to score enough points by completing assignments or quizzes in order to register for the examination.

The Bachelor's program is completed by supplementary studies, such as language courses, career workshops, academic writing, cultural studies, as well as networking and social events. Besides the academic demands, the students are also encouraged to do a traineeship or participate in the hands-on industry training program Smart Factory∂Industry. This experience will foster their career perspectives and provide them with an industry network during their studies. The students can also complete their traineeship abroad.


  • Specialization in Automotive Engineering
  • Specialization in Energy Engineering
  • Specialization in Global Production Management
  • Specializations Within the Curriculum

What are the admission requirements?

  • High School Degree (e.g. IB, GCE A-level, US High School Diploma, German Abitur or others!)
  • Excellent Grades in Mathematics & Physics
  • English Proficiency Test (TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC)
  • SAT Test: (Math, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing; at least 1200 points)

For more information about the SAT and test dates, please visit the CollegeBoard website.

Last updated Nov 2019

About the School

As part of the worldwide renowned Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Carl Benz School offers a high-quality undergraduate Bachelor program as well as Summer Schools in Mechanical Engineering ... Read More

As part of the worldwide renowned Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Carl Benz School offers a high-quality undergraduate Bachelor program as well as Summer Schools in Mechanical Engineering in a college like structure. The international programs are English-taught and perfectly prepare students from all over the world for engineering careers. Carl Benz School students furthermore benefit from an individual study and career guidance program as well as an exclusive on-campus housing in one of the safest regions worldwide. Read less