About the Department:

Cankaya University’s Department of Management offers an undergraduate program that leads to a Bachelor's Degree in addition to four separate graduate programs (MBA, MSc in Human Resources Management and MSc in Marketing and Brand Management along with a PhD program in Management.) Department of Management is dedicated to excellence in education and research.

The department is continuously upgrading its course contents and teaching methodology to achieve this goal. Students enrolled in these programs receive up-to-date knowledge in business theory and practice. Students also have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the other disciplines through a large body of elective courses.


Management is a critical function for every organization, and people trained in management play this important role in organizations of every size and type. Therefore, the main purpose of the undergraduate program is to equip its students with the necessary knowledge and skills so that they can become future leaders in the corporate world.

Specifically, the students are taught to evaluate, analyze and interpret information to make reasoned business decisions in all functions of management, demonstrate the ability to lead an organization both at the national and global level.

The major objectives for each of the enrolled student in the undergraduate program are:

  • motivate, lead, and develop others
  • structure organizations capable of meeting both profit and social responsibility goals
  • work well in accomplishing work individually and through others
  • communicate accurately
  • develop a strategic perspective on the organization and its parts


The normal duration of the undergraduate program is 4 years (or 8 semesters) excluding the English Preparatory Class.


The course schedule of the program is composed of must and elective courses. Must courses mainly focus on the topics related to Strategic Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Operations Research, Economics and Quantitative Methods.

On the other hand, elective courses consist of technical and more detailed departmental and non-departmental courses. These wide range of courses give students concentration options and help broaden their education. (For details please visit: http://en.man.cankaya.edu.tr/elective-courses/ ).

Students have to complete both the must and elective courses of the program successfully in order to graduate and receive a Bachelor's Degree (For details please visit: http://en.man.cankaya.edu.tr/curriculum-2/curriculum/).


Cankaya University Department of Management offers its students the advantage of collaborating with a wide range of outstanding staff members who are equipped with strong and successful academic backgrounds with specialization in different disciplines of management (For details please visit: http://en.man.cankaya.edu.tr/staff/ ).

Cooperation with Public and Private Sectors:

Department of Management enables its staff and students to conduct different types of projects in order to bridge the gap between theory and practice and work on real-life issues both in public and private sectors by offering courses and certificate programs such as entrepreneurship and innovation. Students are encouraged to work and cooperate with businesses operating in various industries in exchange of information and experience.

In addition to those, meetings are arranged and tours are planned for students to visit and observe the companies such as Coca-Cola, IKEA, Arcelik, etc.

Double Major and Minor Degree:

Cankaya University Department of Management gives its students the opportunity of receiving a second undergraduate degree (double major) and/or gaining in-depth knowledge about a certain field (minor program) at a different program offered at the other departments of the University.

International Double Degree Program:

Cankaya University Department of Management has a partnership agreement with the Business School at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA. This exchange program provides undergraduate and graduate (MBA) students with the opportunity to continue and/or complete their program at Rutgers University.

Admissions to the exchange program between the two universities is possible for a semester or an entire academic year. However, the program also enables undergraduate students at Cankaya to attend only the summer school programs offered at Rutgers. (For details please visit: http://rutgers.cankaya.edu.tr/ )


The scholarships are awarded to students based on the level of academic merits and these scholarships are continuous throughout the duration of a student’s regular course of study.


Internship is not mandatory at the Department of Management. Students are not obliged but are encouraged to attend different training/internship programs. In case of an official internship, the social security fees of the trainee are funded by Cankaya University.

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