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Program Description

"A Bachelor's degree course in management with a strong vocational and cross-cultural dimension", Patricia Bournet, Director of the TBS Bachelor Program

TBS Bachelor program in a nutshell

  • Number of years of studies: 3 years
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree, issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
  • Organization: 3 years - 2 campuses – in French, Spanish or English
  • Admission: based on a competitive exam.
  • Localization: TBS, Toulouse or Barcelona campuses.


The TBS Bachelor’s program has two main goals: to provide students with both vocational and cross-cultural management skills. Our mission is to develop the skills of students with strong potential, able to quickly step into management roles in France and internationally.

  • A course at the top of the rankings.
  • A strong international component at the center of the course content.
  • A program that builds genuine professional skills.
  • An overall support scheme for finding employment.
  • The commitment of a leading Business Management School.

Program Structure

One Degree, several different study paths

The TBS Bachelor’s program is a 3-year (B1, B2, and B3) management degree course with a vocational and cross-cultural focus. The course aims to give future graduates the management skills needed to meet the business requirements of companies in France and around the world. The program offers 3 years of valuable experiences and encounters built around a curriculum that gives every student the means to either continue their studies or to move straight into a rewarding professional career.

  • Year 1: learning about and preparing to work in the business world.
  • Year 2: consolidating core skills and taking on an international dimension.
  • Year 3: getting ready to join the business world or to take your studies further.

Admissions - competitive exam

Acknowledged as one of the top Bachelor’s degree courses in France, the TBS Bachelor’s program organizes its own competitive entrance exam

Admissions are possible in the 1st or 3rd year.

  • The national competitive exam is aimed at candidates studying in a French high-school (in continental France, in the French overseas territories or in a French high school abroad).
  • The international competitive exam is aimed at candidates preparing a diploma and/or studying abroad (except in a French high school abroad).

Admissions are based on an entrance exam, organized over the course of one day. The exam takes into account the candidates’ constraints, as much as possible: exam organized in different places according to the location of candidates.

Whether taking the national or the international exam, candidates can choose where they wish to study and in which language:

  • Toulouse campus: teaching in French and/or in English.
  • Barcelona campus: teaching in Spanish and/or in English.

Before confirming the student’s registration, the School will check that the student has a satisfactory level in terms of comprehension and expression in the target language.

Tuition & Costs

Tuition Fees 2017-2018

The annual tuition fee for international students in the Bachelor in Management program is 8,200€ per academic year.

To reserve a place: admitted students must make an initial payment of 40% of the fees in order to reserve a place. This payment must be made before the deadline contained in the enrolment sheet.

Remaining amount: can be paid in two installments, in October, and in December.

The same fee applies for students on the Barcelona and Toulouse campuses.

Application Fee

An application fee of 100€ (non-reimbursable) is to be paid on submission of your application.

International Opportunities

The international dimension of TBS is anything but an option.

  • A choice of 2 campuses - Toulouse or Barcelona
  • 25% of our graduates from 2015 are now working
  • 98 partner universities in 39 countries, with some of which we have dual diploma agreements
  • 25% of our graduates from 2015 are continuing their studies abroad
  • 56 alumni chapters on 5 continents

Real immersive experience

  • A 3-month international internship providing a cross-cultural professional experience.
  • A semester of courses in a foreign university in one of our 98 partner universities.
  • Being able to choose on which campus to study: Toulouse or Barcelona.

A multicultural atmosphere

  • 31% of foreign students on Toulouse and Barcelona campuses.
  • The opportunity to take courses in English in Toulouse and Barcelona or in Spanish in Barcelona. Speaking a second foreign language (Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian) is recommended.
  • Being able to choose on which campus to study: Toulouse or Barcelona.

Toulouse Business School's Bachelor in Management program is proud of its extensive and truly international global partnerships, offering varied incoming and outgoing exchange possibilities.

Career Opportunities

A bachelor degree… and then what?

"1 year of cumulative professional experience in 3 years of studies!”

Prepare yourself for your professional future

The transition from student life to working life is often a source of concern for students. Over the 3 years, TBS Bachelor program, a firm professional network and work experience will be developed, with a year’s worth of professional experience acquired over 3 years of studies.

  • 12 months of professional internship for over 3 years.
  • Year 3 possible as a work-study program as part of the commercial development program.
  • 12,000 internship offers posted through the Career Starter platform.
  • 70+ partner companies.
  • Access to the TBS Alumni network of graduates in management positions worldwide: 30,000 contacts via the TBS Alumni Directory and 56 chapters around the world.
  • Meetings with companies and business leaders regularly organized on TBS campuses.
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