Lifestyle Transformation Design

We are now heading into a period of further transformations that will deeply impact our lives on a personal, social and economic level.

How are lifestyles influenced by the dynamic nature of today’s societies? What is the impact of innovation on our daily lives? Can we change lifestyles is such a way that they can better face the challenges of the future?

Lifestyle Design students should be innovative, visionary and determined.

Students familiarise themselves with methods such as future thinking, design thinking and storytelling, and learn to apply these methods in their research. You will develop essential skills such as conceptual thinking and the ability to formulate and develop a vision, and learn how to apply these skills in the design process.

Collaboration with fellow students, both within and outside your own discipline, as well as international crossovers, are also an essential part of the design process. In order to arrive at a convincing visual representation and communication of your end product or solution, in which styling plays a key role, you will be studying visual techniques such as photography, audio-visual media, web design and graphic design. You will also be familiarising yourself with a variety of (production) methods, from traditional crafts to cutting-edge technologies.

The curriculum addresses a wide range of topics: mobility, the knowledge economy, technologies, food, health, relationships, retail, art and culture, etc. Representatives from the professional market will participate in the projects as clients or partners, sharing with you their extensive knowledge and experience. This professional market is extremely diverse, from commercial businesses to municipal governments, from institutes to platforms, from media to the public domain, from healthcare to education. Last but not least, you will develop a distinctive visual style of your own by assembling a comprehensive portfolio as you progress through the study programme.


Career Opportunities

  • Curator
  • Product and market innovator
  • Concept developer/designer
  • Creative strategist
  • Trend initiator and visualiser
  • Trend expert
  • Visual communication specialist
  • Forecaster

Creating Pioneers

Our successful Lifestyle alumni include: Dorian Jurne Blanke & Rose Schildwacht (Rossi & Blake); Bibi Middelburg (honourable mention TWOTY Upcoming Talent); and Paulien Routs (winner TWOTY Upcoming Talent and listed in the HOT100).

Portfolio checklist

Are you …

  • talented in visual arts?
  • independent and responsible?
  • dedicated and motivated?
  • entrepreneurial?

Then visit one of our Open Days or Open Evenings – and bring your portfolio! – and apply for admission.


A selection of 10-15 works which were preceded by a creative process

For example: designs, objects, photos, films, games, animations, fashion (accessories), furniture, models, drawings, posters, campaigns, paintings, usable artifacts and sculptures. You can publish and present all of this in a neat traditional portfolio folder, but you can also use different methods: 3D work can be brought in a (cardboard) box, digital work can be presented on a laptop or tablet.

Please note: apart from these works, please show us some other things you created. Make a careful selection between the two. That way, we can assess to what extent you have an insight in your own qualities and your own work.

Program taught in:
  • English

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