Bachelor degree study of the Liberal Arts and Humanities is university study in humanities focused on philosophy, history, and cultural and social anthropology. The program's signature feature is a widely open study schedule that allows students to pursue their individual abilities and develop their interests. The student takes mandatory courses in humanities and social sciences and passes comprehensive exams relevant to each field. While properly choosing other courses during the study, the student can gradually specialize and focus either on further (Master) study in any of the relative theoretical fields or on the practical use of acquired skills.

Description of verification and evaluation criteria

Admission exam is comprised of a summary of English academic text, to be written in English, and answering follow-up questions based on the text, in English. Assessment is based primarily on the factual accuracy of the summary and the depiction of the main through line of the text. Questions are intended to ascertain whether or not the applicant fully grasped the contents of the text. The applicant can get up to 18 points for the test: 9 points for the summary and 3 points for each of the three answers.

Duration of the exam is 3 hours.

Prior to the examination, applicants receive a letter announcing the date and time of the examination. No dictionaries, books, notes, mobile phones or other digital devices are allowed. Applicants are informed about the result either on the day of the exam or the following day.

Conditions for admission

Admission to Bachelor's studies is conditioned by completed secondary education confirmed by a school-leaving certificate.

Verification method: entrance exam
Confirmation date (of entrance exam) from: 18.05.2019 until: 18.05.2019
Alternative date (of entrance exam) from: 10.06.2019 until: 14.06.2019

Recommended literature, sample questions

Sample Admission Exam is available here:

Preparatory course

CŽV 16 - Preparation Course

Career Prospect

The graduate of the Liberal Arts and Humanities possesses academic competence in humanities, particularly in philosophy, history and social sciences. S/he can synthesize knowledge of different disciplines and compare the various methodological approaches of philosophy, history and social sciences. S/he can prepare and critically assess a research project in social sciences and can thematize and analyze various social and cultural phenomena in the social, cultural and developmental context. Thanks to the predominant interactive teaching method in small groups and seminars, the graduate possesses an excellent command of the English language and can effectively cooperate in a multicultural, international environment.

Program taught in:
  • English
Last updated January 9, 2019
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Oct 2019
3 years
2,000 CZK
per academic year. Online Application fee: 640 CZK. Paper Application fee: 690 CZK.
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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

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