Bachelor in Legal Studies (Business and Criminal Justice)


Program Description


Our mission is to educate, enable and empower students to be critical thinkers who can obtain their goals and excel when faced with the challenges of the legal studies professions. This is accomplished by the highest quality faculty and curricula which provide both traditional and experiential modes for learning.

Criminal Justice

The Undergraduate Criminal Justice major, leading to a B.S. degree, prepares learners for an exciting and challenging career in the rapidly expanding fields of law enforcement, corrections, probation, and private sector fields.

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration emphasizes the integration of theory and practice to train current and future administrators in criminal justice fields. Professional courses focus on the most current concerns facing criminal justice administrators including legal issues, managing change, planning, strategy and public policy.

We give students a solid background in leadership, law, and the meaning of justice.

Husson can help you prepare for many careers in the criminal justice field, as well as help you advance in a career you have already started. Husson students can choose from a variety of degree options in Criminal Justice including Bachelor's degree, Dual Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology, Dual Bachelor's and Master's degree (completed in 5 years), and the Master's degree in Criminal Justice Administration. Undergraduate students in this program may choose from a wide range of internships and attend the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in their senior year to pursue certification to become eligible for employment as a full-time law enforcement officer upon graduation.

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration Program incorporates the strengths in the traditional areas of law, budgeting, and policy-making, with careful attention to the development of skills in communication, interpersonal relations, psychology and leadership essential to effective performance in organizations.

Criminal Justice Program Associations and Partnerships

The following will take you to the homepages for each organization:

  • The National Partnership for Careers in Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security has named Husson University as a Regional Center for Criminal Justice in New England. Click here to go to the Center's webpage for additional information.
  • Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA)
  • Maine Chiefs of Police Association
  • Academy of Criminal Justice Science (ACJS)
  • Northeastern Association of Criminal Justice Science (NEACJS)
  • Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)
  • American Society of Criminology (ASC)
  • American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI)


Goals and Objectives for Criminal Justice

1. To provide students with competency in the following areas:

  • Administration of Justice
  • Law Enforcement
  • Law Adjudication
  • Corrections
  • Criminological Theory
  • Research and Analytical Methods

2. To teach students to critically think and to be able to communicate well in written and oral forms.

3. To provide students with the ability to employ ethical perspectives an judgments in applying knowledge to field related problems and changing fact situations.

4. To provide students with a variety of criminal justice electives related to faculty expertise and the evolving needs in the profession.

5. To provide internship opportunities for practical experiences.

6. To provide students with education regarding current technology in the field.

7. To provide students with opportunities to learn beyond the classroom.

8. To provide students with a background in quantitative and qualitative reasoning.

9. To provide students with the opportunity to examine the issues of diversity in criminal justice.

10. To provide students with a faculty that demonstrates excellence in teaching.

11. To provide appropriate and necessary course and career advising for students.

Mission Statement for Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program at Husson University is committed to providing students with extensive practical and professional knowledge pertinent and responsive to the dynamic fields of employment in the Criminal Justice system. The faculty endeavors to teach students with sufficient depth, breadth and rigor to be able to critically examine issues related to crime, law, and justice. The curriculum focuses on the application of law and theory through functional experiences. The program and faculty prepare students to be competitive for entry-level positions in the criminal justice system, including, but not limited to, the areas of law enforcement; probation and parole; corrections; juvenile justice; and the private system. Graduates of this program will possess strong skills in critical thinking, written and verbal communications, analysis and research, and ethical considerations.

Last updated Aug 2018

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At Husson University, it’s all about you. You won’t be lost in a crowd. You’ll learn from professors who care about you. You’ll learn hands-on, earning a degree and skills that will prepare you for a rewarding, successful career. Best of all, Husson’s reputation for a first-class education and affordability mean you’ll be making a smart investment. Husson University... our mission is your success. Read less