Bachelor in Kinesiology with a Concentration in Exercise Science


Program Description


Why Study Kinesiology?

Love sport, fitness or helping people heal? Kinesiology has you covered. Kinesiology is the study of body movement, and it is home to everything associated with moving bodies. With four majors and six minors, you can gain the skills and education needed to combine your love of sport, fitness and helping people with healthcare, athletic training, teaching, coaching and personal training or business to land the job of your dreams. We are one of the few programs in the state where Athletic Training majors can also compete in intercollegiate athletics - giving our students a competitive edge. Our Business Administration/Sport Management majors can work with faculty to custom tailor their education to match their career goals by adding minors and concentrations. Our exercise science students get hands-on experience with faculty and our large network of successful alumni who work in the fitness industry. Physical Education Teaching majors benefit from small classes with state of the art sport and fitness facilities, giving them the best opportunity for success. No matter your specific major, our Kinesiology department will prepare you for a successful, rewarding and fulfilling career.

How We're Different

  1. Community partnerships, internships, and student teaching provide real-world application and hands-on learning experience.
  2. Four majors and six minors - Athletic Training, Business Administration/Sport Management, Teaching Physical Education, and Exercise Science majors; and Allied Health and Sport Science, Athletic Coaching, Exercise Science, Health Education, and Secondary Teaching (with or without Coaching) minors.
  3. The Sturrus Sports & Fitness Center and Alksnis Athletics & Recreation Building, home to Kinesiology, have classroom and activity space not usually found at schools our size.
  4. Alumni are well placed and respected in their fields, providing students with a network of contacts for internships and employment.
  5. Six months after graduation, most Business Administration/Sport Management and Athletic Training Aquinas graduates have employment in the field or are enrolled in graduate school.
  6. Student organizations provide community engagement, professional development and philanthropic activities.
  7. Business Administration/Sport Management majors and student clubs raise $5,000+ each year for Grand Rapids area sport related charities.
  8. Smaller class sizes than similar-sized schools enhance professor-student interaction.
  9. Athletic Training majors can compete in intercollegiate athletics.
  10. Business Administration/Sport Management majors tailor their education and gain market advantage with minors or concentrations.

Major Requirements

Fifty-four-sixty (54-60) semester hours. Required courses:

  • KN158
  • KN159
  • KN250
  • KN251
  • KN256
  • KN294
  • KN332
  • KN350
  • KN367
  • KN364
  • KN452
  • KN397
  • BY150 (or equivalent)
  • BS200
  • BS310
  • One (1) competency area completion.

Select a minimum of one (1) competency area from the following:

  • Group Fitness:
    • KN281,
    • KN295,
    • KN361
  • Strength and Conditioning:
    • KN257,
    • KN280,
    • KN295

Students are also required to complete an approved certification in exercise science. Upon completion of the program students will:

  1. Understand the basic concepts associated with the field of exercise science.
  2. Demonstrate the ability of plan and execute basic physical fitness programming for various populations.
  3. Exhibit competency in the skills and knowledge required for an entry-level position in the exercise science field.

Outcome assessment for the Exercise Science: Feedback from course surveys, exit interviews, alumni surveys, and rate of employment in the field for recent graduates


  • KN158 Health Education—First Aid (3)
  • KN159 Introduction to Kinesiology (3)
  • KN250 Physiology of Exercise (4)
  • KN251 Nutrition for Sports Performance (3)
  • KN256 Anatomical Kinesiology/Biomechanical Kinesiology (4)
  • KN404 Conditioning I (2) KN
  • KN332 Promoting and Funding Sport and Recreation (3)
  • KN350 Medical Aspects of Athletics/Physical Education (3)
  • KN367 Administration and Psychosocial Aspects for the Allied Health Care Professionals
  • KN364 Motor Learning and Motor Development (3)
  • KN452 Physical Activities for Special Populations (3)
  • KN397 Internship (Variable)
  • BY150 Human Biology (4) NL
  • BS200 Fundamentals of Organizations for the Non-Major (3) BE
  • BS310 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3)
  • KN281 Aerobic Fitness/Activity (1) KN
  • KN405 Conditioning II: Designing Programs (2)
  • KN361 Group Exercise Leadership (2)
  • KN257 Therapeutic Exercise (2)
  • KN280 Weight Training/Activity (1) KN

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