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Dubai, Botswana, New York, Venice; the whole world is at your feet. The travel industry is looking for you! After earning the International Tourism Management bachelor’s degree, you will sell the world online and offline. You design trips, purchase at sharp rates and establish contacts all over the world.

You might work as, for example, a product manager, event manager, travel adviser or city marketer. You can also start your own business.

Is this bachelor program right for you?

Tio’s International Tourism Management bachelor program combines knowledge of the world of tourism with aspects of e-commerce. This means you will feel right at home in the online world as well. Do you recognize yourself in the following description? Are you:

Eager to travel?

Do you want to see more of the world? Pack the latest Lonely Planet list and hit the road? This bachelor program allows you to see more of the world! As a future travel professional, you organize your own study trips. Additionally, you can choose international internships or spend some time studying abroad at one of Tio’s partner universities.

Looking for the best deals?

Are you always on the lookout for the best deals online? If so, Tio is looking for you! Tio wants people with a sharp eye for detail and – most of all – for getting the best value for your money. After this bachelor program, you will be able to market the trips you design at a sharp rate online.

Interested in other cultures

The world is your playing field when working in the tourism industry. Even during your studies, you will come into contact with different cultures during the various study trips, your international internship or while studying abroad. This is the perfect opportunity to come into contact with different ways of life!

Interested in composing holidays?

Do you love composing holidays? Instead of going for the standard holiday, you take on the challenge of creating your own trip. This is the perfect bachelor program for you. When you work for a tour operator, you not only choose the destination but also purchase plane seats, hotel beds, and excursions. You create the trip as you see fit!

In control?

Do you like to be in charge? Do you want to further develop your leadership skills? During this bachelor program, these skills are further developed during the Management Skills course. Of course, you can take charge of the various projects you work on.

An organizational talent?

Do you love organizing events and can you motivate others? You can learn to excel at organizing events – from festivals and sports events to conventions and trade shows. Organizing events is something you learn in practice during the Incentive & event travel project.

A language guru?

Hallo, hola, hello, bonjour? Do you love speaking other languages? Knowledge of foreign languages is a key aspect of any tourism program. In addition to English, you can delve into German, French and/or Spanish.


Do you have a sharp eye for detail, are you always up to date and would you like to go behind the scenes of the world of tourism? The researcher in you will get everything they want. During the study program, you will visit tour operators and trade shows and go on a study trip every year. You will be in the perfect position to learn all there is to know about organizing (study) trips.

Do you recognize yourself by these descriptions? Take a look at the curriculum for more information about this bachelor program or attend an open day to experience the atmosphere and meet students and lecturers.

Why do students choose International Tourism Management?

  1. Tio offers the option of accelerated studying: complete a bachelor’s degree in just three years.
  2. The tourism sector has a strong need for young professionals with in-depth knowledge of e-commerce. That is why Tio graduates are in high demand.
  3. Last year, Dutch tourists booked 78% of their trips online. The travel industry needs specialists in this field. The International Tourism Management program, therefore, combines knowledge of tourism with e-commerce.
  4. You study at the Netherlands’ best tourism program. Eight years running, as elected by the Higher Education Guide.
  5. Tourism involves much more than just booking a trip. MICE has become an integral part of the tourism sector, which is why event management is a major component of the International Tourism Management study program.
  6. You will have many career opportunities available to you after completing this study course.
  7. At Tio, you are not a number; there is a strong focus on personal development and supervision.

Study Program

Practical is the keyword: learning by doing! Nearly 60% of the International Tourism Management bachelor program has a practical focus. The curriculum was designed in collaboration with branch association ANVR, the Fellowship for Event Managers and and experts from the field. This ensures the study course ties in well with the sector’s needs and the latest trends.

After Graduation

A glimpse of your future

There are many roads open to you when you earn your International Tourism Management bachelor’s degree. What about working as a manager of sustainable tourism at TUI or a project manager at Zoover. You can also work as a product manager or an (online) marketer.

Do you want to continue your education after completing the International Tourism Management bachelor’s degree? This bachelor’s degree grants you access to many domestic and foreign master’s degrees.

Starting salary

The starting salary for recent Tourism & Leisure graduates is approximately € 2,110 gross per month (Higher Education Guide 2019).

Employment opportunities

Because of the rapid changes taking place in the tourism sector, there is a strong demand for young professionals with in-depth knowledge of e-commerce. A Tio degree is very valuable in the tourism industry. That’s why there is a great demand for Tio graduates.

Successful in the tourism industry

Tourism continues to grow worldwide and it is of crucial importance to our global economy. New business models and the advent of online entrepreneurship have reshaped the sector drastically. New travel products are constantly being developed. Consumers no longer want package or group trips; instead, they are looking for unique experiences. Other developments, e.g. social media, reviews and mobile internet access, also lead to new trends.

What can you do and where can you work?

What can you do once you complete the International Tourism Management bachelor’s course at Tio University of Applied Sciences?

Nearly every sector of the industry has a need for well-trained managers with excellent organizational skills. After completing this bachelor’s degree, you can, therefore, have your pick of many positions and areas of expertise.

Think of professions such as:

  • Product manager
  • (Business) travel advisor
  • Tour manager
  • (Online) marketer
  • Event manager
  • City marketer
  • Sales manager
  • Consultant
  • Tour leader
  • Travel manager
  • Entrepreneur

Where can you work? Examples include:

  • Tour operators
  • Theme parks
  • (Business) travel organizations
  • Airlines
  • Event and incentive agencies
  • Cruise lines
  • Hotels
  • Wildlife resorts
  • Booking websites
  • Marketing agencies
  • Consultancy firms

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Welcome to Tio University of Applied Sciences. Tio offers you a personal, accelerated and excellent education and has been a distinguished name for many years as a recognized educational institution. ... Read More

Welcome to Tio University of Applied Sciences. Tio offers you a personal, accelerated and excellent education and has been a distinguished name for many years as a recognized educational institution. Tio's bachelor programs have been among the best in the Netherlands for years and are ranked #1 in various rankings. Which program suits you best? Read less
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