Bachelor in International Studies


Program Description

Today’s increasingly competitive job market and graduate programs seek college graduates who can effectively integrate knowledge across a range of disciplines and use such insights to articulate pragmatic solutions to complex local and global challenges. The International Studies major – housed in the Humanities Division – addresses this need by combining rigorous academic training with practical strategies for effective community engagement. This course of study offers its students a cross-cultural and trans-historical perspective on the human condition, thereby providing them with the tools to engage with an interconnected and rapidly changing world. Students select from two of four possible concentrations that will prepare them for careers in business, law, government, and the humanities. An emphasis on community-based and experiential learning encourages students to consider their roles and responsibilities as citizens in a pluralistic democracy, helping to build a more just and sustainable future. Students are encouraged to study abroad to give them an opportunity to experience a foreign country.

Degree earned Total number of credits

Intercultural Studies Concentration: 120 Credits
International Business Concentration: 120 Credits
International Law Concentration: 122 Credits
Urban Studies Concentration: 120 Credits

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What can you do with this degree?

Medaille’s BA in International Studies prepares you for careers in fields like:
  • Law
  • Human Resources
  • Government and Foreign Service
  • International Business and Export/Import Business
  • Nonprofit Social and Community Service
  • Social Work and Counseling
  • Public Relations
  • Health Services
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Museums
  • Teaching
Choose two concentrations from four unique options:
  • Intercultural Studies
  • International Business
  • International Law
  • Urban Studies

Medaille’s bachelor’s degree in international studies program provides you with a unique opportunity to

  • Enrich your understanding of the interconnectedness of peoples and cultures.
  • Learn about and discuss cultural traditions and practices outside your world view.
  • Develop your awareness of cultural diversity so that you can communicate with reflection, empathy, and intelligence.
  • Prepare yourself to participate in a global dialogue.
  • Familiarize yourself with different disciplinary approaches to the international world.
  • Increase your abilities to read closely and to make informed critical judgments.
  • Develop your abilities to communicate clearly and persuasively, orally, in writing, and in multimedia.

You have an exciting journey ahead and we’ll be there every step of the way

Medaille College is the place for students who want to change their world and improve the lives of their communities through their careers as leaders, advocates, and professionals. Each one of Medaille’s undergraduate programs prepares you for the workplace through hands-on learning experiences in and out of the classroom.

Medaille College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

  • Personalized support.
  • Student-centered environment.
  • Financial aid and scholarships are available.
  • A vibrant campus located in the heart of the City of Buffalo Relevant real-world experiences.
  • More than two-dozen clubs and activities.
  • Successful NCAA Division III athletic teams.
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