Bachelor in International Sport Management


Program Description

Today, sport is a unique, global and growing industry. It is no longer a simple activity but an entertainment as well as a business, which has become a true challenge among organisations. Thus, the need for skilled sport managers is now more important than ever.

The International Sport Management degree offers students in-depth knowledge of economics and business management aspects applied to international sport. This Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management aims to prepare future responsible and technically competent managers in the field of sports, who are able to lead, manage and operate business, sport organisations or facilities.

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  • Duration: 3 years (full-time)
  • Degree: Bachelor
  • Credits: 180 ECTS
  • Tuition fee: 750 € per month
  • Registration fee: 550 €, one-time fee
  • Language: English
  • Programme Starts: October

LUNEX University also offers the possibility to gain the “student-athlete status”. It enables active athletes to continue training and performing while studying for their degree, in order to prepare their post-athletic career and gain the required knowledge and competencies for a managerial position in sports departments and institutions.

Combine your passion for sport with business studies

The International Sport Management programme is designed to prepare students, who are interested in and passionate about sports and the sport industry, to the different tasks that professional sport managers tackle in the unique and international growing environment of the sport industry.

Thus, a postgraduate sport management student will “work in the background” and be the person in charge of the coordination between sports and business. He/She will be able to identify changes in the market and develop clear business strategies adapted to new trends and evolutions in the sport market, in order to ensure the success of his/her organisation.

International Sport Management study programme

The Bachelor in International Sport Management provides students with extensive knowledge of business management and economics in international sport, which include the following fields: finance, sports law, marketing, event management and media in sports. This knowledge gained in the course of this study programme can also be used in careers other than sports.

Teaching contents are based on sport related and international business case studies and allow for interactive sessions with lecturers. Students also gained social and interdisciplinary skills, which will be essential for their future career.

In addition, students also have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and competencies through hands-on experience as well as a practical internship, which reinforce their theoretical knowledge and prepare them for the research work involved in the writing of their Bachelor’s Thesis at the end of their studies.

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Int. Sport Management Courses Overview:


- Learning Skills (Study Skills, Sport Related Issues Analysis)

- Business Administration in Sports

- Applied Economics in Sports

- Trends in Sport & Sport Business

- Financial Management

- Fundamentals in Marketing

- Human Resource Management in Sport Business

- Management in Sport Business

- Corporate Governance in Sport


- Key Qualification (English Writing School)

- Finance & Investment in Sport Business

- Management in Sport Business & Case Studies

- Social Skills (Communication & Group Dynamics)

- Advanced Marketing in Sports

- Media Management in Sports

- Entrepreneurship in Sports & Case Studies

- Fundamentals in Law


- Management Skills (Intercultural Management, Conduct of Negotiations, Decision Making)

- Internship (Practical Training)

- Academic Skills (Research Designs & Methods, Journal Club)

- Sport & Law

- Sponsorship

- Media Management in Sports & Case Studies

- Bachelor's Thesis (Research Project)

Complete your studies with a Master's degree in International Sport Management

After our 3-year bachelor’s degree, students can continue their postgraduate studies with a Master’s Degree in International Sport Management, which enables them to deepen their knowledge in particular fields of study such as finance, marketing, events planning or media.

What we offer at LUNEX?

  • Being taught by world-class experts
  • 100% English courses
  • Individual support
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • An international environment
  • A growing network of cooperations
  • Preparation for managerial positions in international sports
  • Acquisition of leadership skills
  • Development of a global, interdisciplinary view of the world of professional sports
  • Combination of key qualifications for career and academia
  • Training in analytical and strategic skills
  • Experiential learning in the domains of organized and professional sports, the sports industry, and research
  • Expert input from sports goods industries and high-performance sports

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Employment Opportunities in Sports Management

Thanks to this study programme, it is possible to pursue a career in a large number of fields in the national and/or international market: organized sports (including clubs and confederations), sports products and equipment, sports policy, market research, consulting, event management, private sector as well as media agencies and businesses. Here are some examples of sport management professions:

  • Sport facility Manager
  • Participation Officer
  • Operation Manager
  • Sport Event Organiser
  • Business Analyst
  • Sport Marketer
  • Product Manager
  • Sport Administrator
  • Club Development Manager

Application Process

Besides being passionate about sports and business, to apply for our Bachelor in International Sport Management, applicants must have at least 12 years of school education or equivalent. Then, you have to fill in our online application form and to participate in one of our Applications Days, which are composed of admission tests in English.

There is no application deadline, it is possible to apply throughout the year.

Last updated Sep 2018

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