Bachelor in International Hotel Management


Program Description


With the Bachelor in International Hotel Management, you are qualified to hold operational management positions in the international hotel and tourism industries. During these 3 years of schooling, Vatel students:

  • acquire professional, legal, economic and fundamental linguistic knowledge for their field;
  • learn managerial techniques and team-leading skills.

These future managers in the international hospitality industry tackle concrete and operational professional realities throughout the curriculum:

  • They have real clients in Vatel’s restaurants and application hotels.
  • During their practical application weeks, older students manage younger ones: they all work together in real management conditions.
  • They perfect their skills in their internships.
  • Their courses are given by professors as well as professionals in the hospitality and tourism industries.

Our teaching concept has its roots in realities of the profession

Training operational managers and senior executives in the international hospitality industry, who are able to work in a competitive and cosmopolitan environment is of course based on business studies: marketing, human resources, administration, and finance. But that’s not all!

At Vatel we believe that a complete education requires a reality check on the professional field. This teaching principle of one of the reasons why a Vatel degree is so highly valued on the job market. In practical terms, this means that there is:

  • Hands-on training in the application infra-structures, fully integrated into the Vatel schools. These application hotels or restaurants, catering to real customers, are concrete and operational training venues.
  • First-hand managerial experience i.e. senior students manage the junior students.
  • Professionals recognized in their field participate in teaching.
  • Progressive building of a career path for each student.

Initiation to management always includes theory and professional experience

Marco Polo Program

Those who want to have a career in the hospitality and tourism industries must have an international and cross-cultural outreach. Keeping this in mind, Vatel gives students the opportunity to spend the 2nd year in a different Vatel school, located in any part of the world.


3 Years Program

  • Academic Bachelor Year 1: With weeks of theoretical courses followed by weeks of professional experience in application structures right on the campus, students can immediately apply what they’ve learned in management, marketing, human resources, and professional culture. All students also study two foreign languages, including English, which is indispensable for careers in the hospitality industry.
  • Internship Bachelor year 1: The first internship, selected by the school, takes place in the country over 4 to 5 months, either in summer or in winter. Working at a hotel during the entire peak season, students learn how to master basic but essential tasks at the front desk and in restaurant services. By carrying out the daily work their teams will do, these future hotel managers acquire credibility with those they will be managing during their careers.
  • Academic Bachelor year 2: In the classroom, new courses such as law and the tourist economy complete the curriculum for students. During practical application weeks, students begin their managerial work: they supervise 1st-year students while being managed by 3rd-year students. Students can also apply to do their 2nd year abroad, in a different Vatel School, in the framework of the Marco Polo program, when this is accepted by the School Director.
  • Internship Bachelor year 2: As is the case for the first year, schools choose the second internship. This internship lasts for 5 to 6 months, and also has an operational dimension, but it takes place in a foreign country, preferably an English-speaking country to help students develop their linguistic skills and their cross-cultural qualities.
  • Academic Bachelor year 3: Students continue to acquire financial, legal, economic and linguistic skills that they’ll be needing when managing a hotel. Using concrete case studies, they develop their analytical capacities and decision-making skills. In their professional experience, they manage second-year students and make sure they are conveying the correct messages to first-year students.
  • Internship Bachelor year 3: The third-year internship, which is an operational one and lasts for 5 to 6 months, takes place either in Europe or abroad.

Admission requirements

  • In France: Baccalaureate
  • In Belgium: End of Secondary Studies Certificate
  • In Switzerland: Maturité
  • In other countries: The High School Diploma or A-Level equivalents

For students who want to do their courses in English: Required level in English: TOEFL 550 (80 IBT) or IELTS 5.5 (academic) + cover letter in English.

Last updated Oct 2019

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Vatel Nimes is the Vatel Group’s Main Campus and is the largest Vatel School, with its own 4* Hotel, spa, and student residence, all on campus. Complete and comprehensive courses, which appeal to young adults from the entire world: 45 different nationalities of students on-site, who take Vatel courses either in French or in English. Read less