Bachelor in International Data Science, Protection & Security (English)


Program Description


Are you passionate about the newest digital tools that help make organisations more intelligent? Do you want to learn how to filter valuable information from a mass of data, how to make this information accessible by visualising it, and how to secure this data efficiently and with purpose? Enter the options Cyber Security Expert or Datamanager!

  • Netflix knows you better than your own sweetheart those and always offers you the perfect movie. And Trivago knows, even before you have clicked anything, that you are planning a city trip to Dublin. Data is big business. We teach you how to make companies and organisations more intelligent through data. How to disclose raw data and how to make it accessible. And how companies can use this to further develop their business.
  • You never cease to be interested in the newest IT-technologies. As such, you are also aware that technology has its weak sides and that hackers can take advantage of those. Phishing, hacking, ransomware, … Making sure that data and information don’t end up in the wrong hands is a hot issue. You want to know more about security techniques and how to apply them with focus.
  • You are attracted by company life. The processes, strategies and structures in a company fascinate you. The program combines the best of both worlds: business and technology. The accent is put on better and more efficient data management in a business environment, through the use of informatics. And you absolutely don’t need to be a computer freak to do so!
  • We will prepare you to be an expert in information security and data management. You will learn how to translate your knowledge and insights in a comprehensible manner, from computer-talk to human-talk. Computer lingo is one thing. Knowing how to ask the relevant questions, listen actively and formulate comprehensible responses is at least as important.
  • What can you expect? Not an academic education based on heavy manuals, but a hands-on approach! From the first year, we submerge you in actual company life. Thorough project-work, real-life case studies, participation in congresses, and lectors and guest-speakers straight from the business world: check! To top all of this off, during your last year, you will have an internship of an entire term.
  • A few important courses will be organised in 6-week modules. As such, we can spread out the study load and the exams, and we can offer you feedback more quickly. Win-win!
  • Your job security is ascertained! The demand for data managers en security experts has grown exponentially these last couple of years. Thanks to the unique combination of technical know-how, insight into data and your managerial background, companies will be lining up for you!


Phase 1

We will teach you the technological tools that allow you to get started with databases and large quantities of data. You will learn how to program and get an introduction into cybersecurity: essential for the processing and administration of data. You will learn how to build dashboards in order to allow companies to help their own businesses and their clients more efficiently.

We show you the technical tricks and techniques that allow you to get working with hacking tools and defense techniques such as security against digital burglary, forensic analysis, and firewalls. Through practice, you will discover the meaning and strength of terms such as “security by design” and “privacy by design”.

You also will be taught the basic principles of entrepreneurship, financial management, (project)management, law, personal development, communication and giving presentations.

Phase 2

After concluding the first phase, it is now time to go that extra mile. You don’t have to choose between Data or Security, this program combines the best of both worlds!

We mimic life-like environments that you use as your playing field. We simulate cyberattacks and teach you how to detect any weak spots in the security. You learn to think like a hacker and how to anticipate the way a smart security expert should. Game on!

The management-courses as well will move on to the next level. You learn how to use SAP.

Phase 3

Time to try everything “for real”. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Thomas More sends out its sons and daughters to one of the many companies that are looking for passionate students.

For one entire term, you will do an internship in a company such as Cronos, Ordina, IBM, KPMG, iAdvise, Contribute Group, Ordina, Cranium or Digipolis.

During your last year, you will also work on a bachelors’ thesis. In this, too, we will optimally support you!

In practice

Practice will be the common thread throughout your program. Thanks to projects with companies you will get the opportunity to test new technology in an actual working environment. You will get assignments taken straight from the heart of the business.

To top it all off, you will conclude this option with a full term of the internship. Our students have already made impressions in companies such as Telenet, ING, Deloitte, KBC, Cronos, Keyrus, Proximus and Delta Lloyd.

Personal mentoring

Each year’s classes are divided into four parts that each last six weeks. During those six weeks, we focus intensely on a select number of classes. At the end of each six week-period, there are exams. As such, we can spread out the study load more evenly throughout the academic year. What’s more, this means we can focus more on personal mentorship and feedback. Practical exercises, group projects, cooperation and sharing knowledge are all central.

All of this mentorship and knowledge you will receive from (guest) lectors that are firmly grounded in the business world. Add to that a healthy no-nonsense approach, and you end up with a unique mix of authenticity, expertise, and coaching. And it shows!

Last updated Aug 2019

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Welcome to the international website of Thomas More! Thomas More is the largest university of applied sciences in Flanders, offering over 31 Dutch-taught and 5 English-taught bachelor degree programs ... Read More

Welcome to the international website of Thomas More! Thomas More is the largest university of applied sciences in Flanders, offering over 31 Dutch-taught and 5 English-taught bachelor degree programs in the province of Antwerp. Next to that, Thomas More offers exchange programmes in English, for students from partner universities. Read less