Global experience is increasingly important in the business world today and companies are looking for employees who have a global perspective, understand our interconnection with other countries and could negotiate with people from other cultures.


The International Business (IB) major at Elizabethtown College offers a practical, innovative, and integrated curriculum that combines business skills with an understanding of other cultures, proficiency in a foreign language, and effective communications from a global perspective. Due to the selective nature of our program, we bring in an exceptional class each year to learn about global business management through mentoring by members of the IB Advisory Board and faculty. With an International Business degree from E-town, you will be prepared for positions at global companies in roles such as an import/export compliance specialist, a consultant for global companies, an international economist, a global financial manager, or an international accountant.

Studying International Business at Elizabethtown

Increasingly, top-level and executive positions are reserved for professionals with international experience. Our program prepares students for a variety of jobs in global Business and helps our students to go to some of the top graduate schools.

Our International Business degree has distinct components that give you the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to succeed in today’s global market. Our selective program accepts top students who will thrive in an exciting and challenging classroom environment. We provide many departmental opportunities for students to get involved in real-world experiences and prepare for the future.

Student Stats

  • 12:1 Student/Faculty Ratio
  • 100 Average Yearly Applications
  • 20 Accepted First-Year Students
  • 100 % Post-Graduation Job Placement
  • 90 % Alumni Work in the USA for Global Companies


Sample courses are offered in International Business Major

Your International Business major courses will include a combination of business studies, foreign culture and international interaction classes. Some of the courses you’ll take to complete your degree include:

  • EC 101: Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • EC 102: Introduction to Microeconomics
  • FIN 325: Corporate Finance
  • FIN 327: International Financial Management
  • BA 257: Exporting and Importing
  • BA 258 - Global Business Negotiations
  • BA 337 - International Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
  • EC 307 - International Economics
  • PS 245 - NCH International Relations or PS 150 – Comparative Politics
  • BA 497- International Business Seminar

In addition to courses specific to the major, students will be required to complete modern language course requirements. For complete course information for our international business degree, please view our course catalogue.


Developing Proficiency in a Modern Language

Those who pursue this degree must choose a language concentration*. Students will spend a semester or even a year abroad to polish their language skills. Our students may choose one of the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

*If the student is fluent in a language other than English they do not need to fulfil this requirement.

Study Abroad Experience

American students in our International Business degree must participate in a study abroad experience for at least one semester. Since our international students are already fluent in a second language (English), they are not required to study abroad, unless they want to do so. You’ll have the ability to concentrate in a business area of your choices such as Marketing, Economics, Finance, Accounting, or Management. You'll gain an understanding of the history, economic and political systems of different cultures, and master the skills to interact and negotiate effectively in the global community, no matter what area you choose to focus on!

Real-World Projects

Through your studies, you will complete at least one approved internship and participate in real-world projects and hands-on activities for multinational companies starting your freshman year. In our finance lab, you’ll interact with the real business world while working with real-time global commerce data. You will work with faculty advisors on research projects and have the opportunity to present your research at national and international conferences as well as publish your work in reputable academic journals.

Mentorship Experiences by International Business Executives

As an International Business major, you’ll be mentored by an executive from the IB Advisory Board in your area of interest. Our selective program allows our students to develop close relationships with our faculty and members of the International Business Advisory Board through semester meetings and events. These interactions provide excellent networking opportunities for our students throughout their time at E-town and beyond. Our Advisory Board members have offered numerous internship and full-time job opportunities for our students.


A Career Plan in International Business Management

Our faculty and curriculum work together to provide you with essential global business management skills, so you’ll be prepared for any position in any location around the world after graduation. Our active alumni network, featuring top executives and a range of fields, is available to our students to assist with mentorship and career exploration.

IB Alumni Ambassadors

Prepare for A Career in International Business Management

Our faculty and curriculum work together to provide you with essential global business management skills, so you’ll be prepared for any position in any location around the world after graduation. Our active alumni network is available to our students to assist with mentorship and career exploration.

Jessica (Deremigio) Baker '05

  • Project Manager, Financial Services Business Development, Bloomberg L.P.
  • Foreign Language: German
  • Study Abroad Location: Marburg, Germany
  • First Job After Graduation: Treasury Management Consultant, M&T Bank

Kyle Buffenmyer '08

  • Senior Manager, International Expansion, Square Trade, San Francisco
  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Study Abroad Location: Quito, Ecuador
  • Graduate School/Degree: Harvard MBA
  • First Job After Graduation: Analyst, Al Rajhi Holding, Saudi Arabia

Ashley Clark '13

  • Senior Business Analyst, KBA North America Inc.
  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Study Abroad Location: Barcelona, Spain and Quito, Ecuador
  • First Job After Graduation: Business Analyst, KBA North America


Graduate School Preparedness

Upon graduating, our International Business majors have moved on to positions and top companies or to graduate MBA programs such as:

Schools and Universities:


Law Programs:


Our alumni work in various fields at firms such as:


Decision factors

  1. Have an SAT score of at least 1200
  2. Are in the top 15 per cent of your high school class
  3. Have at least 2-3 years of a foreign language in high school
  4. Are interested in some aspect of business
  5. Would like to study abroad and learn more about other countries and cultures


Why IB at E-Town?

  • 100% job placement
  • 90% work in USA at global companies
  • Proficiency in a Language
  • Selective program
  • 12:1 student faculty ratio
  • IB Advisory board mentorship
  • Strong networking with the alumni and the IB Board members
  • Required Internship
  • Advanced/specialized courses in Finance, Economics, Marketing or Management as “concentrations”
  • Real World consulting projects with multinational companies
  • Opportunity to present personal research at conferences and publish with faculty member
Program taught in:
  • English
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