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Program Description

The Bachelor’s Programme in International Business (also called the BScBA Program) provides students with a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge to build, develop and lead companies on a global scale. A bachelor’s degree in business with an international focus opens up a wide variety of career opportunities in the private and public sectors, across all industries and continents. If you have global ambitions in any form (e.g. study or work abroad), the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business is for you.

Organised at Aalto University’s Mikkeli Campus, you will join a close-knit community of globally oriented and ambitious Finnish and international students. After the intensive Bachelor studies, including a semester abroad at one of the programme’s many top-tier partner universities, you are guaranteed the study right at a Master’s Programme at Aalto University Otaniemi Campus.

Objectives of studies

Today, the world is smaller than ever. For the best companies, being globally oriented has become the new standard. This requires broad international business skills and knowledge from their employees. To ensure you can match those requirements, the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business provides its graduates with:

  • International competence. Graduates have an extensive understanding of the international business world and strong skills in cross-cultural teamwork, communications and languages to navigate within it successfully.
  • Business knowledge. Graduates possess broad know-how about core elements of business such as accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management and marketing.
  • Problem-solving toolbox. Graduates are well-prepared for answering both tactical and strategic challenges, thanks to their high capacity for independent, scientific and analytical thinking.
  • Leadership and communications skills. Graduates possess excellent social and presentation skills to move their teams forward as an appointed team leader as well as a team member.
  • Versatile project management and teamwork skills. Graduates can lead projects from initiation and planning to prioritisation and execution – within the given time and expectations.
  • Helpful network. Graduates from long-lasting relationships and memories with local and foreign friends, professors and cooperating companies.

Upon graduation from the International Business programme, graduates have a solid foundation of working in a demanding and international business environment around the world.

Language of instruction

The Bachelor´s degree studies at the Mikkeli Campus are offered in English.

Tuition fees and scholarships

Tuition fees concern degree students in English-language programmes who are not citizens of the EU/EEA region.

The tuition fee is €12 000 per academic year for the Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration degree offered in English at the Mikkeli campus.

Prospective students subject to tuition fees are eligible to apply for Aalto University Scholarship.

Post-graduate study options

After graduating from the BScBA Programme, students can continue studies in a variety of master’s degree programmes at the School of Business Otaniemi campus.

Structure of studies

The Bachelor’s Programme in International Business offered the School of Business at in Mikkeli campus comprises a total of 180 ECTS credits. The three-year programme consists of:

  • Required core courses (60 ECTS)
  • Methodological studies (12 ECTS)
  • International business major (42 ECTS)
  • Language and communication courses (18 ECTS)
  • Minor studies, completed abroad (30 ECTS)
  • Elective courses (18 ECTS)

The learning experience is module-based, increasing interaction, intensity and focus:

  • The academic year consists of courses organised in 15 three-week modules, also during the summer
  • In most modules, students earn 6 ECTS credits; classes are scheduled for three hours a day, five days a week, for 45 contact hours including examinations
  • Requires active participation and attendance

Content of studies

The nature of studies in the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business is very active and intensive. Studies are divided into three-week modules, maintaining a fast pace and sharp focus. The comprehensive teaching methods include interactive lectures, group work, video presentations and company projects, as well as independent and theoretical academic work. Various teaching methods provide an interesting, challenging and motivating learning environment.

Many business and public sector representatives, including alumni, serve as guest lecturers in the courses. Students take field trips and complete projects for companies in various courses. The cooperation with local and international companies continues outside of the lectures too: on career days, field trips and excursions.

The Bachelor’s Programme in Mikkeli focuses on a single major: International Business. The domain-specific specialisation depends on the courses you choose – however, whether it’s accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management or marketing, the perspective always remains international.

Year 1: Students complete the required core courses, business communications studies and language courses.

Year 2: In addition to some required courses, students get to choose their favourite elective courses, for example:

  • Brand Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Global Game Industry
  • Green Ventures
  • Tools for Data Analysis
  • Gender and Communication in the International Workplace

Students also get an introduction to research methods after which they start writing their Bachelor’s Thesis. The purpose of the Bachelor’s Thesis is to develop students' ability to carry out independent research work in the field of international business. The Capstone Course wraps up the learning into one extensive package as an overview and recap of the two years and is based on a business strategy game.

Year 3: Students study abroad and complete their minor during an exchange semester at one of the programme’s many partner universities around the world. Courses can be chosen flexibly based on the student’s interest.

About the Thesis

  • The Bachelor’s Thesis is a formal document that requires both a formal proposal and a defence in the Bachelor’s Thesis seminar (10 + 2 credits). The purpose of the Bachelor’s Thesis is to develop students' ability to carry out independent research work in the field of international business. The process is designed to develop skills such as preparing a research plan, including the research problem, questions and objectives. The thesis must include a theoretical frame of reference with a critical literature review, and the student must use suitable methods to obtain the relevant data and interpret it.

After completing the Bachelor studies in Mikkeli, most students take advantage of their automatic study right to continue at an Aalto University School of Business’ Master’s Programme (usually in the field they have focused on in their course selections). The offered Master’s Programmes are:

  • Accounting
  • Creative Sustainability
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  • Finance
  • Global Management
  • Information and Service Management
  • International Design Business Management
  • Management and International Business
  • Marketing
  • Yritysjuridiikka (Business Law, offered only in Finnish)

Lively Campus & Student Life

The Aalto University School of Business Mikkeli unit is located at the Mikkeli University Consortium in the heart of the South Savo region, 230km from Helsinki. The campus is situated in the city centre of Mikkeli – a compact city close to nature. The campus itself has excellent learning facilities and an encouraging atmosphere for interesting encounters between students, professors and staff.

Thanks to a relatively small community and intensive learning experience, the spirit is strong and lasts for a lifetime. The many different student clubs and associations related to culture, sports and other hobbies guarantee there’s something for everyone outside of studies. For example, you can join BaBa’s Kitchen, an international cuisine club or the sports club SkiBBA.

The collaboration between business students in Mikkeli and Otaniemi is active and maintains close ties with Probba (Mikkeli Campus student association), KY (School of Business student association) and AYY (Aalto University Student Union), making sure that the Aalto spirit stays strong in Mikkeli. When moving to Otaniemi to complete your Master’s Programme, you already have a network of friends and other connections.

International opportunities

Aalto University is international by nature, and on top of international degree students, the Mikkeli Campus welcomes about 70 exchange students from abroad every year. These students join the diverse Aalto community not only through studies but also via multiple free time events, activities and celebrations around the campus. Programme administrators, active student tutors and student support services help international students integrate into the Nordic culture and feel at home in Finland.

Also, many professors come from abroad. Each year 60-70 professors are recruited from all over the world to teach at the Aalto University Mikkeli Campus. These distinguished and internationally respected instructors are top scholars in their fields and come from some of the most prestigious universities in the world, integrating globally competitive knowledge into teaching and assignments.

One semester, usually the last, is spent abroad at one of the partner universities where students complete the minor subject studies as part of the BScBA degree. The BScBA Programme has more than 50 partner universities across many regions in the world. Apart from universities, the Programme has also co-operation with local and international companies, further extending the students’ international opportunities.

Multidisciplinary opportunities

The Bachelor’s Programme in International Business focuses strongly on businesses operating globally but allows the flexibility to blend in something special. The Programme includes elective courses with elements from other study fields, e.g. Global Supply Networks from industrial engineering, Green Ventures from sustainability and entrepreneurship, and the Business and Management of Digital Media production from arts. On top of that, the 30 ECTS studied abroad can be freely selected to support the student’s own interests.

Once moving to study the Master’s Programme at the Otaniemi Campus, BSc graduates get to enjoy its famous multidisciplinarity. Aalto University is well-known for bridging disciplines of business, arts, technology and science. The lively campus and freedom of choosing elective courses across the University bring students from different fields under one roof. This spontaneous multidisciplinarity environment sparks new ideas, gathers enthusiasts around them and gives birth to friendships, networks, and every so often, startups.

Career opportunities

Upon graduation, most students choose to take advantage of their automatic study right to a Master's Programme at the Aalto University School of Business at the Otaniemi Campus. However, students are also fully equipped to enter the global job market straight after finishing the Bachelor’s programme. The completed degree offers a vast variety of international career options both in Finland and abroad. The alumni of the programme work internationally in many positions related to their studies as managers, experts, consultants in marketing, finance, trade, technology or as entrepreneurs.

To ease the transfer from school to work life, the programme invites we are having many business and public sector representatives to serve as guest lecturers in the courses. Alumni relations are close and act as an important employment channel for Mikkeli Campus graduates.

Aalto University has well-established career services that help you find employment in Finland and abroad. Aalto students tend to find good positions with ease upon graduation. An active entrepreneurship community is also present at Aalto, which can help as a springboard for founding your company. Finally, if an academic career is of interest, any Master’s programme at Aalto is a great foundation for doctoral studies and post-doc positions.

Admission dates

The application period for studies starting in fall 2020 (admission groups I-III) is from January 8 to January 22, 2020. The application period for Open University Track is during 18 March – 1 April 2020. The application period for transfer students is 4 May – 18 May 2020.

Here are the most important dates to remember (admission groups I-III):

  • 8 Jan 2020 – Application period begins, the online application system opens
  • 22 Jan 2020 – Application period ends, the online application system closes
  • 5 Jun 2020 – Admission results are published
  • 10 Jul 2020 – Deadline for accepting the offered study place

Programme-specific Admission Requirements

In 2020, 82 degree students will be formally admitted to the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business at the Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli Campus. Students accepted to the programme will get a study right to the Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration at the Aalto University School of Business after graduating from Mikkeli.

In addition, 3 new students can be admitted to the BScBA Programme on the basis of their studies completed in the Open University and 2 new students can be admitted as transfer students from other higher education institutions in Finland. There are separate Aalto University School of Business admission processes for Open University Track and transfer applicants.

Language requirements

Because English is the language of instruction in the BScBA Programme, it is essential that all participants are prepared to understand rapid, idiomatic English as spoken in lectures and group discussions. Students are also expected to be able to read English with ease and to express their thoughts clearly in spoken and written English.

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