Bachelor in International Business Management


Program Description

Program Description

This bachelor programme is fully lectured in English and aims at preparing experts with knowledge and competences in the field of international business management, having the opportunity to emerge in a true European spirit and to attend higher education in a multicultural environment. International students can also undergo a one-year-mobility period in another European partner higher education institution and receive a double diploma.

Profile of the programme

The profile of the programme comprises the development of the technical-scientific knowledge and professional skills in the study areas of Management.

Key learning outcomes

The degree of "Licenciado" (Bachelor) in International Business Management is awarded to those students that demonstrate, in this field, the ability to:

  • develop and enhance the acquired knowledge;
  • apply acquired knowledge and understanding capacity in order to clearly demonstrate a professional approach to the work carried out;
  • solve problems based on their own arguments;
  • collate, select, and interpret relevant information which will enable them to consolidate the solutions they present and the opinions they put forward, including the analysis of relevant social, scientific and ethical aspects;
  • communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions, both to experts and non-experts;
  • develop competences that will enable them to benefit from lifelong learning with a high degree of autonomy.

To complete the qualification, the student is required to pass all compulsory course units of the study plan.

Occupational profiles of graduates

The degree of "Licenciado" (Bachelor) in International Business Management belongs to the education and training area of Business Sciences and Law. Graduates are qualified to develop a professional activity within the profile of the programme.

Access to further studies

The degree of "licenciado" allows to proceed to post-graduate studies, according to the diagram of the Portuguese Higher Education System, provided by NARIC ( and presented in section 8 of the Diploma Supplement.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

Examination and assessment are regulated by the IPB regulations.

Qualification awarded (in original language)

"Licenciatura em Gestão de Negócios Internacionais (Curso Europeu)". Title of "Licenciado".

Level of qualification

1st Cycle of Studies. EQF level 6. ISCED level 5.

Recognition of prior learning

Following the implementation of the Bologna Process and the consequent legislation regarding the mobility of students among degrees and higher education institutions, prior learning must be recognized and credited. The prior learning concept comprises all the previous learning/training undertaken in other higher education study cycles in national or international institutions (crediting of certified training), as well as previous professional experience and any post-secondary school training or education. As such, the IPB promotes the crediting of the student’s prior learning when arriving at the institution.Aiming at a quick and full integration of the student in his/her new education programme, the recognition procedures must be submitted when enrolling at the IPB.

Qualification requirements and regulations

6 Semesters (3 years). 20 Weeks of study, per semester, full-time (40 per year). 40 total Hours per week. 810 total Hours per semester (1620 per year). 180 ECTS Credits (30 per semester); 1 credit corresponds to 27 hours. It includes a final project comprising 12 credits. The holders of this qualification are entitled to apply for senior positions in multinational enterprises.


The admission of international students to Bachelor degrees in the IPB ismade via theInternational Student Status. The applicants must beholders of a secondary education course or legally equivalent course from any foreign country, issued by a legal authority that attests theapproval in that level of education, and that confers them the possibility of applying to a higher education course in their country.

Work Experience

No work experience is required.

Programme director

Alcina Maria Almeida Rodrigues Nunes(

Last updated Jan 2018

About the School

The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB) is a Portuguese Higher Education Public Institution with 7000 undergraduate and master students, embracing a wide area of knowledge and technology.

The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB) is a Portuguese Higher Education Public Institution with 7000 undergraduate and master students, embracing a wide area of knowledge and technology. Read less