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A business law degree will prepare you to work in the legal arena within the business community. As an area of study, the business law looks at what laws and regulations influence the modern business environment. The legal competence in international business today is necessary for a successful business development to other countries. In this way, a business law degree is a versatile tool, equipping students for a wide range of professions and specialties.

Developing practical skills is the key

While studying the students will achieve strong practical skills and will be ready to start working right away. During the twenty weeks of professional practice, you will deepen your knowledge in various legal proceeding areas, you will learn:

  • to prepare and organize documents and contracts,
  • to participate in litigation and business negotiations,
  • provide a range of legal advice to persons involved in international business.

Your practical knowledge and skills will be developed while learning how to establish an international business company: it’s registration, preparation of legal documents, overviewing the international business legal environment, defining the international business market, which is dedicated to national and international law regulatory, analysing and evaluating the national and international legal decisions on regulations of business subjects activity, argumentative interpreting their content, typical regulation of law issues. For entrepreneurship, the students from ISLB are highly welcome at local and international capital business companies: lawyers, bailiffs, notaries’ offices and other organizations in Lithuania and foreign countries.

You may take advantage of our wide social partners’ network. ISLB’s social partners give lectures as well as actively provide our students with career and final professional practice places, take part in ISLB’s events that develop entrepreneurship and creativity, supervise students’ final theses.

A fee&time saving pathway to your second Bachelor’s degree in Scotland

The programme offers a fee&time saving pathway through Abertay Dundee University in Scotland to gain your second Bachelor’s degree in Laws in Scotland.

Your job opportunities

Many larger businesses will have a legal department, in order to monitor the company and deal with any legal issues that may arise. These positions will exist in almost all industries, from finances to banking, to manufacturing, and more. Because of this, individuals with a business law degree will have many options since they are not limited to any one industry. It is also possible to work for legal companies or law practices. Working in this capacity would allow individuals to work on a wider range of cases, perhaps in a consulting capacity as well. Though competition for jobs in this area can be stiff, there are a growing number of positions in particular business law, making such a degree a valuable asset.

ISLB graduates are awarded Professional Bachelor’s degree, which corresponds to the sixth level of Lithuanian Description of Qualifications, the sixth level of the European Qualifications Framework and the first cycle of the European Higher Education Qualifications Framework.

Last updated Feb 2018

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ISLB offers contemporary undergraduate degree programmes which allow students to develop knowledge, abilities and attitudes required in the global labour market and essential to cope in the wider world in the future. The educational process is tailored towards practice-oriented studies and professional training which comprise collaborative and experiential teaching and learning methods as a reflection of the student-centred approach. Read less