• Preparation of highly qualified bachelors in the field of design, construction, and operation of buildings and structures, the organization of construction manufacturing.
  • Professional training of graduates in accordance with the current level of construction engineering and technology, shaping technically qualified specialists.

Program goal:

Provision of professional profiling higher education within this program allows its graduates to carry out research and development activities in the creation of competitive engineering products; to develop effective technological manufacturing and repairing operations of machinery production and equipment; to maintain highly effective functioning of technological processes for machinery production, systems of automation, management, control, diagnostics, and product testing; to possess universal and subject-specialized competences facilitating social mobility and stable demand in the labor market.

Admission requirements:

  • Nationally recognized certificate or diploma in general (complete) education or secondary vocational education.
  • Successful passing of admissions exams.

Compulsory courses:

  • General History (1st semester);
  • Russian History (2nd semester);
  • Physical Culture and Sport (1st, 2nd semester);
  • Elective Courses in Physical Culture (1st – 6th semester);
  • Digital Literacy and Big Data Processing (1st semester);
  • Chemistry (1st semester);
  • Leadership and Teambuilding in Organization (1st semester);
  • Legal Studies (1st semester);
  • Foreign Language (1st – 2nd semester);
  • Russian Language and Culture of Speech (1st -2nd semester);
  • Mathematics (1st – 2nd semester);
  • Physics (1st – 2nd semester);
  • Engineering Support of Construction (Geodesy) (2nd semester);
  • Philosophy (2nd semester);
  • Descriptive Geometry. Engineering Graphics (3rd semester);
  • Personality in Russian Civilization (3rd semester);
  • Theoretical Mechanics ( 3rd semester);
  • Engineering Support of Construction (Geology) (3rd semester);
  • Basics of project activity (3rd semester);
  • Basics of scientific research (3rd semester);
  • Foreign Language in Professional Sphere(4th – 5th semester);
  • Economics (4th semester);
  • Mechanics (Technical mechanics) (4th semester);
  • Technological Processes in Construction (4thsemester);
  • Basics of Architecture and Building Structures (4thsemester);
  • Building Materials (4th semester);
  • Mechanics (Soil Engineering) (5th semester);
  • Engineering Systems of Buildings and Structures (Power Supply and Basics of Electrical Engineering) (5th semester);
  • Engineering Systems of Buildings and Structures (Heat and Gas Supply with Basics of heat Engineering) (5th semester);
  • Engineering Systems of Buildings and Structures (Water Supply and Water Disposal andBasics of Hydraulics) (5th semester);
  • Safety of Vital Activity (6th semester);
  • Organization and Management Basics in Construction (7th semester);
  • Metrology, Standardization, Certification and Quality Control Basics (7th semester);

Elective courses:

  • Computer Modeling and Design Basics in Construction (5th semester);
  • Strength of Materials (5th semester);
  • Architecture of Civil and Industrial Buildings (5th semester);
  • Structural Mechanics (6thsemester);
  • Bases and Foundations (6thsemester);
  • Buildings and Structures Construction Technology (6th semester);
  • Reinforced Concrete and Stone Constructions (6th -7 semester);
  • Metal Structures and Welding (6th -7th semester);
  • Wood and Plastic Structures (7th -8 semester);
  • Construction production organization – (8th semester);
  • Ecology – (8 semester);
  • Career Management (3rd semester);
  • Self-management – 3 semester);
  • Mathematical Planning and Statistical Analyzing of Experimental Results (4th semester);
  • Computational Methods in Civil Engineering and Computer Graphics (4th semester);
  • Building Mechanisms and Equipment (4th semester);
  • Mechanization and Automation of Construction Production (4th semester);
  • Design Basics of Buildings and Structures (6thsemester);
  • Design and Construction Basics for Buildings Parts and Structures (6thsemester);
  • Design and Construction of Buildings and Structures in Seismic and Complex Geological Conditions (7thsemester);
  • Sustainability of Buildings and Structures in Special Conditions (7th semester);
  • Lightweight and spatial structures (7th semester);
  • Spatial structures design (7th semester);
  • Economics of Industrial and Civil Engineering (7th semester);
  • Theoretical Basics of Construction Economics(7thsemester);
  • Buildings, Structures, and Buildings Reconstruction (8th semester);
  • Survey of Buildings and Structures (8th semester);

Elective courses:

  • Correcting Course of Physics (1st semester);
  • Correcting Course of Mathematics (1st semester);
  • History of Russian State Symbols (2nd semester);
  • Technologies of Counter Terrorism among youth (2nd semester);
  • Personal Cybersecurity (2nd semester);
  • Ethnology of South of Russia (2nd semester);

Training base (partners):

Association "Regional self-regulating organization of North Caucasus builders "; the municipal economy administration Committee, Industrial area Administration, Construction control management of building and housing supervision, AO project Institute "Stavropolkommunproekt", OOO "StavGeoStroy",OOO "Evilin-stroy2", OOO "Stroitelnoye upravleniye-2", OOO " Stavropol of architecture and urban development institute ", OOO "Milana", OOO "Stroy-Ka" Stavropol, OOO "Komplekt-Gips", OOO "Company Group "RusGazEngineering". There is an option to undertake practical training at the place of the student’s permanent residence.

Career opportunities:

"Regional Self-Regulating Organization of Builders in North Caucasus "; Committee of administration municipal economy, Industrial district administration, Construction control management of building and housing supervision, JSC Project Institute "Stavropolkommunproekt", LLC "StavGeoStroi",LLC "Evilin-stroi 2", LLC "Stroitelnoe upravlenie-2", LLC "Institute of architecture and urban development of Stavropol region", LLC "Milana", LLC "Stroy-Ka" (Stavropol), LLC "Komplekt-Gips", CJSC "Company Group "RusGazEngineering".

Positions: construction engineer, specialist, foreman, head of site, chief engineer, engineer of construction quality department, design engineer, chief project engineer, engineer of buildings and facilities operations.

Program taught in:

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