Bachelor in Industrial Information Technology, Lappeenranta


Program Description

The Internet of Things, industry 4.0, and many new technologies are challenging society and industry. The Degree program in Industrial Information Technology gives you skills to work within the diverse field of digital solutions in the industry amid constant changes and in global networks.

The LAB University of Applied Sciences has trained ICT specialists for over 20 years for local and global industries and businesses. The graduates of the program find work as industry specialists, IT specialists, entrepreneurs, technological experts, project managers, designers, analysts, software developers, system engineers, and sales engineers in Finland and globally.

At LAB, you will study industrial information technology in an international and innovative environment on a modern campus. The studies include contact learning and online courses. After the mandatory courses, you will be able to tailor and steer your studies towards a particular professional path.


The degree program in Industrial Information Technology prepares students for international industrial IT-careers, especially in the fields of software production, networks, embedded systems, IoT, research, and development. 

Graduates from the program may work as technological experts, managers, designers, developers, and sales engineers in industries and information technology.

Study contents

Students learn how to design and develop digital solutions in industrial environments using new IT-technologies and methods.

During their studies, students act as project managers or leaders of individuals and larger teams, communicating, working, and negotiating with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


The earned qualification is an undergraduate degree (a bachelor’s degree). After earning the degree, you can apply for work in private sector businesses as well as public sector organizations that require an applicable university degree.

More about the language of instruction

All the studies will be conducted in English. Students may choose a few courses conducted in Finnish.


The bachelor’s degree program includes a 15-ECTS thesis. This can either be a research-based project or a so-called functional thesis project. The thesis project aims to broaden and deepen your professional expertise and knowledge and provide you with the expertise needed to operate in development tasks in your field. The thesis project improves information retrieval and problem-solving skills.

The thesis can be conducted as a project commissioned by an external organization or as part of a development project. The thesis project can be carried out individually, in pairs, or in a group, including a written report. At its best, the thesis project can serve as a pathway to your future career


We offer you excellent opportunities to gain valuable international expertise and language skills for your future career. Future workplaces and positions require multicultural skills, language skills, and international understanding. Learning takes place in an international, multicultural environment. Our degree students come from all over the world. 

Go international! 

You can complete part of your studies at our partner institutions in different countries around the world or do your practical training abroad. Every year, we welcome a large number of students from different countries, so the program is genuinely international. 

Co-operation with other parties

Your studies will be closely connected with the development of working-life practices, together with businesses and work communities. Multidisciplinary working-life projects and different learning environments, such as student cooperatives, will strengthen your connections with authentic working-life interactions throughout the program. 

Research focus

At the LAB University of Applied Sciences, our goal is to renew the working life and ways of working. Together with our partners, we test new innovations and ways of doing things.

Our focus areas are sustainability, design, innovations, and health.

Career opportunities

This international degree program gives good possibilities to work in Finland, in Europe, and all around the world. 

Postgraduate study opportunities

After earning a bachelor’s degree and having two years of professional work experience, you are eligible to apply to the university of applied sciences (UAS) master’s degree programs. You are also eligible to apply to master’s degree programs offered by universities.

Last updated Nov 2020

About the School

The LAB University of Applied Sciences offers education based on practices applied in the world of work. It focuses on innovation, industry and commerce. The LAB University of Applied Sciences serves ... Read More

The LAB University of Applied Sciences offers education based on practices applied in the world of work. It focuses on innovation, industry and commerce. The LAB University of Applied Sciences serves global business through world-class, practice-oriented higher education. Studies at LAB are closely connected with developments in the working world, including businesses and work communities. Multidisciplinary, professionally-oriented projects and different learning environments enable authentic interaction with partners in the working world throughout the studies. Read less
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