You are interested in several disciplines? You want to understand the environment that is yours and that connects you to the rest of the world? This bachelor's degree offers you a training focused on interdisciplinarity in social sciences and humanities. It will help make you a versatile, mobile and open-minded person, a sought-after qualities in the job market of a rapidly changing world.

Student Profile

Show curiosity about the complexity of human and social interactions. To seek to know and understand the origin and influence of current human and social issues. Have a general culture and want to expand it. Present openness and a critical sense.

Program Overview

The Bachelor's degree in Human and Social Issues Studies presents an original and engaging formula. It will open to interdisciplinary dimensions to interpret and understand the origin and evolution of the human and social issues in the broad sense. The courses in this program are divided into three parts: ideas, methods and deepening. Inspired by the legacy of the humanities, human behavior and social phenomena will be approached from a geographical, historical, literary, psychological and sociological perspective. In addition, you will receive a solid scientific background allowing you to conduct research projects as well as to analyze and exploit data of all kinds with a critical eye. Imprinted or imprinted with general knowledge and concrete learning, you will finally lead an in-depth reflection on a question of your choice during the fourth year of the program.

Conditions of admission

Admission of foreign applicants from secondary schools

The Université de Hearst accepts applications from students around the world for undergraduate studies. You must have completed your high school program before undertaking undergraduate studies at the Université de Hearst . You must also submit a certificate for the university preparation courses you attended in high school. You usually need an overall average of at least 70% (B) or the equivalent to qualify for most undergraduate programs. Of course, if your marks are above the minimum average, your chances of admission are better.

Admission of foreign applicants from universities and colleges

The Université de Hearst also accepts applications for foreign students and highly-qualified foreign students studying at other recognized universities or colleges who wish to transfer to a second or third year first cycle. If this is your case, your eligibility depends on the marks obtained in the required courses and postsecondary grades. NOTE: You must normally have completed at least the equivalent of one year of study (ten courses or 30 credits) to apply for admission to the second year of an undergraduate program.

To enable us to study the transfer of potential credits, you must submit the official descriptions of all courses (in French or English) taken at the post-secondary institutions attended.

If you do not have the required number of equivalency credits, the assessment will be based on the official marks for your high school education and the marks obtained in your postsecondary studies. You must usually have an overall average of at least 70% (B) or equivalent to be eligible for Université de Hearst as a transfer student. The University does not accept the transfer of people who are not performing well at another post-secondary institution.

Possibilities of minor

Do you have more interest in a discipline? Stain your BA by choosing one of the following minor:

  • French
  • geography
  • history
  • psychology
  • sociology

A minor requires a total of 24 credits, of which at least 6 credits are at the 3000/4000 level and may consist of both compulsory or elective courses. Note that the prerequisites apply.

Program taught in:
  • French

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
Sep 2020
3 - 4 years
6,030 CAD
$ 6,030 / year full time for a charge of 10 courses
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Start Date
Sep 2020
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Sep 2020

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