Bachelor in Human Resources Management and Organisational Behaviour


Program Description


This program aims at fostering the acquisition of know-how and skills to meet the challenges of the new millennium regarding organisational behaviour management; developing management and leadership processes intending to achieving organisational effectiveness, constant follow-up and updating as well as fostering the appropriate articulation between academic methods/expertise and the labour world. And also trying to enhance the individual as "the utmost resource" and the distinguishing feature of Human Resources Management.

The name of the program is implicitly related with such functions as human resources management, strategic HRM, recruitment and selection, vocational training and counselling, administrative HRM, organisational health, career management, consultancy in the sphere of organisational behaviour.

Specific objectives

  • To provide graduates a training recognized conceptual soundness;
  • Get high levels of notoriety and recognition business;
  • To provide graduates a wide range of career choices and high effective employability;
  • To provide graduates a strong link to business and business practices in their state of the art;
  • To provide graduates the articulation and integration in current contexts of national and international business;
  • To provide graduates a set of soft skills in management necessary for the understanding of organizational reality;
  • To provide graduates a solid set of specific skills of essential human resources management to a professional performance of high quality;
  • Provide a solid ethical basis for professional integration.

Professional Goals

According to the profile defined by WFPMA, different levels and roles can be distinguished for HR professionals. Graduates will be able to perform functions such as:

  • Top Administrators/Managers;
  • Functional Specialists;
  • Team Leaders;
  • Intermediate or Executive Managers.

Depending on their specific posts within the organisation, they can have either specialist, generalist or strategic functions as follows:

  • Human resources director;
  • HR manager and official;
  • Management Consultant;
  • Organizational Behaviour Consultant;
  • Vocational Training Manager and Consultant;
  • Consultant and Specialist;
  • Public Relations Director;
  • Institutional Communication Technician.

Learning outcomes

Holders of a degree in HRM and Organisational Behaviour should be able to:

design HRM strategies; contribute to change cultural mindsets and organisational development; influence cultural and organisational environment change; design management and personal enhancement policies in line with the organisation's global strategy; appropriately select and apply management and personal enhancement techniques; provide guidance in negotiation and conflict processes; apply social legislation and regulations; collaborate in the global management of the organisation in the technical, behavioural and administrative spheres; develop relational and self-knowledge competencies; develop health and safety at work policies; design and practice skills that promote organisational efficiency/effectiveness; provide teacher training; train researchers in the social sphere of organisations.

Last updated Jan 2018

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