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As a Bachelor in Hotel Management, you are a professional who is perfectly at home in the fascinating world of hospitality. The hotel management program offers a high level of professional knowledge and skills, three or four foreign languages, a strong economic foundation, good ICT skills, the ability to work in a team, presentation skills and international experience.

These competencies are also highly appreciated in many other industries and will offer you the opportunity to continue your studies and obtain a Master’s Degree or an additional Bachelor’s Degree. Hotel management students are dynamic and interested in frequent social contacts, challenges and creative teamwork. A prior qualification from a catering school is not required. There is more to learning than studying alone. If you want, you can join SorHoMa, the student club for Hotel Management. The student club organizes all kinds of activities for the students in the program and a colloquium with keynote speakers from the hospitality sector.

The program is highly focused on practical experience. This is illustrated by the many projects, industry contacts, and internships. During the ‘Café CuiZien’ project, for example, you and a number of fellow students will develop your own catering business by engaging in teamwork and by combining your language and presentation skills and your creative, economic and hospitality competencies.

Direct contact with people in the field is an essential part of the course. In the first year, you will complete a one-week exploratory internship. In the second year, you will do a 6-week operational internship. The third year includes an 18-week management internship.

The course also pays a great deal of attention to the development of your international network. International contacts are essential for the hospitality managers of the future. In addition to a study trip and your international internship, you can also choose from a number of international projects as part of an international case.

The facts speak for themselves: all our students complete an internship at renowned hotel chains and 80% of internships are located in France, Germany, Norway, the Canary Islands, the Netherlands, Austria and so on. You will receive an Erasmus scholarship for an international internship.

Why enroll for this program?

We have deliberately opted for a semester system of twelve-course weeks per semester rather than shorter modules. We believe this gives students more time to process certain topics and avoids continuous exam pressure.

So what is a lecture like? During your Hotel Management program, you will be taught in small groups. Our differentiated approach and (individual) tutor support has gained us an excellent reputation. The entire program consists of six semesters, which together account for 180 credits. The general part of the course focuses on management, languages (French, English, German or Spanish), hotel and hospitality, social skills and teamwork.

During the program’s third year, you will specialize in what appeals to you most.

What courses are part of the curriculum?

First year:

Operational Management

Semester 1: Hotel and Food & Beverage Semester 2: Rooms Division and Events

Second year:

Middle Management

Semester 3: People and Organisation Management

Semester 4: Rooms Division, Food & Beverage and Meeting Industry Management

Third year:

Strategic Management & SpecialisationSemester 5: Strategic Hotel Management & one of the following chosen specializations:

  • Strategic Hospitality Management
  • Rooms Division and Wellness
  • Gastronomy and Events
  • Languages for Hospitality (Spanish, German or Italian)

Semester 6: Management traineeship

What job opportunities do I have with this degree?

Because there is a high demand for qualified personnel in the industry, the employment rate is 100%. More than half of our graduates work in the wider hotel, restaurant and hospitality supply-industries. You will also get key opportunities to progress to middle and top management.

Many of our graduates are now General Managers of luxury hotels or supervise several hotels with an excellent local and international reputation. You can also opt to build your own business in the hotel industry or in another sector. Our graduates’ versatility, language skills and social skills are also highly appreciated in other industries.

What can I study after getting this degree?

Further training programs available for those with a Hotel Management-degree:

  • Master in Tourism
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Master in Management and Organisation
  • Master in Communication
  • Bachelor Programme in Event Management,
  • Tourism and Recreation Management

Insurance and enrolment

Belgium is a very safe travel destination. But because you're better prepared for everything, we'd like to take a look at what you need in the area of insurance. These are things you should take care of before traveling to Belgium and starting your classes here with us at VIVES.

When applying, check carefully with your home coordinator if you come for a semester or full academic year. This implies that you have a grant for that period or have sufficient means of subsistence. Leaving before the time agreed upon can only be accepted in exceptional cases such as illness or family reasons and has no influence on the obligation of paying the rent.

We stress that the housing contract is binding. Exams or tests at distance (for those exceptional cases) can be set up if necessary, as long as this bears the agreement of the home institution. If students decide to leave us without an official notification and justification by their home international coordinator, we decline all responsibility and will not issue a Transcript of Records.

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