Bachelor in Hospitality and Culinary Arts


Program Description

Hospitality and Culinary Arts program is the only academic degree program in Eastern Europe, suitable for everyone who are passionate about cooking and are chasing career development as a professional chef or want to become next global Michelin star holder. As part of this study course, you will be taken a step beyond “standard culinary arts" studies and get closer to real art and culinary revolution, by incorporating experimental cooking methods.

During your Hospitality and Culinary Arts program you will gain special cooking skills and thorough product knowledge in accordance to the classics and the modern trends, like the use of local products, meats and fish, healthy cooking, sustainable seafood, “nose-to-tail cooking”. Confidently apply all that knowledge through the prism of your own style, inspiration and artistic ideas.

Our kitchen is designed in the most ergonomic way and is fully equipped with the most modern cooking gadgets by world known brands. We cooperate with producers of equipment for some of the iconic 2 Michelin star restaurants worldwide.

Your Experience Abroad

An experience abroad will be a learning experience for V.U.M. students whereby they are given the chance to take on a responsible role as employees in a company or organization and then reflect on what happened while in the workplace. The experience abroad program is complementary to the formal classroom instruction. It aims to significantly enhance the vitality of the instructional program and impact the courses that a student has taken or will take. Upon completion of the experience abroad, students will earn 30 ECTS credits for Year 1 (Work experience with Erasmus+ program) and for Year 2 (Work, Travel and Study program).

All experiences abroad will be arranged by V.U.M. and are mandatory. Experiences abroad will be chosen based on the educational and practical performance of each student during the semester.

Work experience with Erasmus+ program will take place at a small independent Michelin rated restaurants in Europe, where students will have the chance to put into practice their technical knowledge and skills, learn how to work in a team with high profile culinary professionals and improve their precision, expectation-outcome consistency, time-management, stress-resistance. The best V.U.M. students will be given the opportunity to go on an experience abroad at a Michelin starred restaurant depending on their performance.

Obligatory Internships

All students in this program have two obligatory internships during their education. The internship will take place at 5 or 4-star hotel chains worldwide. It will be considered a “managerial” training, since it provides students with access to large business operations, giving them a chance to realize the importance of culinary business in a larger business setting. This placement will be designed to fit students’ professional development profile and to expose them to a different type of HoReCa business, quite different from the one at small Michelin rated restaurants.

Language of instruction: English

Duration of studies: 3/4 years (6-8 semesters)

Diploma: Bachelor Degree in "Hospitality and Culinary Arts" taught in English in Central and Eastern Europe and one of a few within the European Union.

V.U.M. - Varna University Management.

Admission requirements

The admission is based on documents, IELTS 6.0 + or equivalent (V.U.M. institutional English language test available) and online or face to face interview with the candidate.

Last updated Oct 2020

About the School

Study in Europe in English with Varna University of Management. VUM is the highest-rated university for international students in Europe.

Study in Europe in English with Varna University of Management. VUM is the highest-rated university for international students in Europe. Read less