Bachelor in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Program Description

Bachelor in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

The degree programme in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management provides students competencies for one of the world’s most dynamic and leading socio-economic sectors. There are three fields of expertise offered for a group of 20 students in each:

  • Accommodation Management,
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Tourism Experience Management with two sub-specializations for 10 students in each:
    • Competitive Tourism Destinations
    • Developing Transportation, Travel Agency and Event Management Business

The programme provides students with numerous learning opportunities that help them to prepare for management careers in Finland and abroad.

The programme takes a unique approach and offers a modular curriculum with knowledge, skills, and attitudes critical to an ever competitive environment.

“My decision of studying at Haaga Campus is probably one of the best I have made in my life. As a foreign student in Finland, the study environment and the internationalism in the study scope were something I particularly treasured. The degree programme excelled me in presentation, project management, and team working skills. Being an entrepreneur, I realized that the education and support I received provided me a steady foundation to start my career. I would recommend without hesitation anyone pursue this degree programme and receive a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management.”

Evon Söderlund

"I have maintained a close relationship with Haaga-Helia even after graduation. I also got the primary introduction to my current employer via Haaga while still working in Finland.

My recommendation for the students aiming for an international career is to take each and every opportunity to go abroad during the studies: internships, exchange programme, competitions all help in building the network which will help you find and land a position abroad. Hospitality is growing on a global scale and continues to offer possibilities to experience different cultures and destinations, whereas many other industries suffer and must undergo drastic changes.

I have never regretted my choice to work in this field and Haaga-Helia offers the best possible education for it in Finland!"

Jaakko Eskola

The degree programme in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management provides students competency in the field of tourism, catering and domestic services. Hospitality, tourism, and experience (elämys in Finnish; upplevelse in Swedish) are some of the world’s most dynamic and leading socio-economic sectors. Examples of experiences are cultural events, music festivals, sport activities, art performances, and social celebrations. The overall objective of the programme is to provide hospitality, tourism and experience mindset for students being able to develop, create and design experiences whilst connecting them with business opportunities.

The programme is truly international in its curriculum, teacher profiles, and industry networks and also a diverse student body from over fifty countries. The programme provides students with numerous learning opportunities that assist them to prepare for management careers in Finland and abroad. The programme takes a student-centered competency-based approach to learning with the modular curriculum that facilitates the development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes critical to succeed in an ever-increasing competitive environment. It enables students to bridge theory and practice by providing them with a strong balance of conceptual and experiential learning opportunities: local and international internships, projects and other activities that address real-life challenges. Students can gain expertise in four areas: Experience Management, Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, and Tourism Management.

In each of the selectable specialization areas, students will learn to process ideas and apply knowledge in a work environment while maintaining responsible business awareness. They are able to set up business strategies and design innovative hospitality, tourism and experience concepts within a fast-changing international networked environment. The student will have the aptitude to handle different tasks in supervisory, managerial, consulting, planning and development positions.

Key learning outcomes of the Degree Programme

The student will develop a solid understanding of customer-oriented and profitable operation within the various sectors of hospitality, tourism and experience management. The student learns how to put skills into practical use to boost business within the hotel, restaurant, tourism and experience industry and other areas. The studies will provide the student with an extensive professional outlook and logical skills.

The programme offers students with grounds for supervisory and managerial responsibilities. Hospitality, Tourism, and Experience are vibrant sectors and have been identified as the economies of the future. The dynamic nature of these sectors and their daily evolution, contribute to existing and new businesses to present employment and career opportunities for qualified graduates.

Graduates are expected to be change-makers (aka ‘champion’ of change), and either work for private or public creative organizations in junior and middle management positions or start their own business. Every day hundreds of businesses go looking for a 'champion' - someone who has the competencies and confidence to make things happen. When you graduate, you are expected to be one of those champions.

Graduates of this programme are expected to find employment and develop a career in management positions, as entrepreneurs, specialists, or in sales or Research & Development in the following job markets: hotel, restaurants, destinations, resorts, attractions, events, festivals, sports, entertainment, media, cruise lines, casinos, airports, spas, wellness, charities, retail, and alike.

Professional Growth

The student's professional growth is a process towards developing expertise through the study modules. Each academic year has priorities that support the student's professional growth and students are encouraged to reflect on their own professional orientation.

Depending on the path chosen (Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, Tourism Management or Experience Management) student will professionally grow in individual subject modules and develop an expertise in the field. The accent is also given to personal development, whose pillars stand on planning, aspiration and career parts, equally spread throughout three academic years.

Business modules will concentrate on developing following areas: leadership and management; marketing, services, and sales; managerial accounting; entrepreneurship and innovation. In addition to this, personal business communication, languages and supporting modules (such as basics of mathematics, labor law, hospitality industry certifications etc.) will be customized to each student depending on their background, aspirations, and will to grow.

The programme will also consist of real-life projects, developed together with companies and spread over three years: 1st year - operational project; 2nd year – supervisory project and 3rd year – managerial project. This will ensure that students will be able to develop the expertise not only through their work placements but also through the study modules with the help of industry professionals and teachers.

Annual Themes

At the beginning of the studies, the emphasis is on the development of basic professional skills and understanding the vibrant business environment. During the first academic year, students will learn the basic operational skills and expertise required by the hotel, restaurant, tourism and experience industry, depending which path they decide to take. The theory base is supported by professional work placement in the chosen field. The theme of the first year is operations and business environment.

In the second year, the emphasis is on understanding business processes and innovations. The student will learn practical management skills in service interactions and be able to professionally develop in the chosen path. The theme of the second year is business processes and innovations. The student will combine and implement the studied theory base in the advanced work placement.

In the third year, studies are focused on leadership and organizational strategic management. Students will acquire industry-related special skills via optional advanced level studies where they would be encouraged by the managerial project to innovate and develop businesses. In the bachelor thesis, the student shows his/her aptitude for conceptual learning and understanding complicated phenomena in a way which will be beneficial for a company or an organization within the industry. The third-year study theme is management.

Tuition 9500 E
Student accommodation (inc. water and electricity) 300 E / month
Food 150-250 E /month
Transportation 50 E / month
This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This course is Campus based
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Start date
Aug. 2019
7 semesters
Full time
9,500 EUR
per year.
Finland - Helsinki
Start date : Aug. 2019
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Aug. 2019
Finland - Helsinki
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