Bachelor in Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management


Program Description


The degree programs offered at Husson University's School of Hospitality, Sport, & Tourism Management combine hands-on learning experiences with practical classroom instruction to prepare our students for a successful career in a wide array of fields.

Whether you are interested in service-oriented fields in hospitality and tourism or sports management, our programs have something for you. The following links to your right provide more information about each program, which includes opportunities to major, minor, or concentrates in the area of your interest.

Our flexible curriculum and multiple degree options help you to choose a course of study perfectly suited to your unique career aspirations in hospitality, sport, and tourism management.


The mission of the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program is to provide academic training that prepares students to become entrepreneurial leaders, managers, and professionals in roles that are focused on the understanding and appreciation of the global environment.

Career Pathways

Hospitality and Tourism majors will be able to pursue a wide variety of career options that deliver the excitement and potential of employment in the world's largest industry. HTM graduates are given the opportunity to enhance their classroom experience with one or more internships while earning their degree. These experiential learning opportunities have a proven track record as being the greatest path to employment and early career success in the Hospitality industry.

Careers in Hospitality Management

  • Restaurants
  • Cruise Lines and Tourism
  • Clubs and Casinos
  • Hotels, Motels, and Inns
  • Event and Convention Management
  • Parks and Recreation Management
  • Golf courses, Marinas, and Ski Resorts

Hospitality Management Industry Facts

  • The $448 billion restaurants and foodservice industry is the largest private sector employer in the U.S., and this trend is expected to continue in the future. (
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected an increase of approximately 1.8 million in the number of restaurant and foodservice industry jobs during the period of 2005 - 2015; approximately 45,000 will be management positions.
  • Lodging is a $113 billion industry and is projected to grow well into the future. In Maine, hospitality, and tourism the largest industry employing nearly 200,000 people and generating over $3 billion in wages. (

Hospitality Management Program Testimonials

  • "The Hospitality Management program at Husson has given me the opportunity to make great connections through real-life work experiences and through a variety of classes with knowledgeable professors who have a record of success in the industry."
    Danielle Huchinson '09
  • "My courses in Hospitality management helped bring the concepts of food and beverage to life. We are able to learn from industry leaders in an interesting and exciting way."
    Beth McFarland '10
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