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Why History?

Why History? Because history is life’s teacher. History is the most important key for unlocking the secrets of the future. History is more than just dates, places, names, wars, and the actions of famous men. In the past hundred years, history has become a colorful new discipline, different from what you may have learned in your high school classes. History is the scientific manifestation of the basic human desire to know the past.

The History Department At Istanbul Şehir University, In Short

At the History Department at Istanbul Şehir University, we have an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to history. Paying attention to new trends in Turkish and world historiography, we are opening classes in various subfields of world history, ranging from Ottoman-Turkish history to European, Asian, and American history. We want you to become familiar with historical methodology and good sources, along with the methods of the social sciences, and be able to write within a literary style. Without neglecting the methods of historical interpretation produced in Europe and America, we hope to develop methods for regional history writing and incorporate them into general history. We consider it a responsibility of Turkey’s historians to share Turkey’s rich historical heritage with the world. By training future academics in undergraduate and graduate studies, and by supporting research projects, the History Department at Istanbul Şehir University will offer original contributions to historiography in Turkey.

What Can History Majors Do After Graduation?

History majors may work in national and international institutions, civil society organizations, research centers, various fields in the private sector, and in universities. If you want, you may continue your studies in a master’s program in any discipline; or you may work as a historian or archivist in an institution. After finishing a master’s degree in Secondary School Education (with no thesis), you could become a history teacher in primary or secondary school, or at a teaching center.

You might work in an institution uncovering buried documents in the Ministry of Culture, records offices, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and their affiliated palaces and courts.

Or after graduation, you may choose to work in the tourism industry or in the world of mass media.


The Undergraduate Program in History, through its curriculum, seeks to cultivate well-equipped individuals and aims for the students to become familiar with historical resources, and to be able to interpret them and discuss examples from historical themes. In addition to the dynamic curriculum, which will be updated with regard to new developments and processes in historiography, together with its academic staff, experienced in publications and education on both national and international levels, the program aims to make a contribution to the accumulation of knowledge/thought in both Turkey and the world at large.

As the main language of education at the History Undergraduate Program in English, students with inadequate levels of English enroll in a one-year English preparatory program. In accordance with the general curriculum of our University, all students take common Humanities and Social Sciences Courses in their first year. To complete the program, students must obtain 92 credits from the required courses (including common courses) and 48 credits of departmental/non-departmental electives. The total number of credits required for graduation is 140.

The Program includes departmental electives in various fields from the Far East to American history. While the Program offers many options for the students of the Department, with these courses, which comprise approximately 35% of the curriculum, on the one hand, enrollment in major and minor programs is facilitated, and on the other hand, intra/inter-university horizontal/vertical transfer is encouraged. The elective pool may also be of interest to the students of other departments who are interested in history. In addition, the courses have been prepared to give the students a formation which will make it possible for them to work in national and international private sector or public institutions, non-governmental organizations, research centers, and universities.

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