Bachelor in Fashion Design

The College of Fashion & Design, Dubai

Program Description

Bachelor in Fashion Design

The College of Fashion & Design, Dubai

Fashion is a cultural phenomenon, not only related to apparel but to the way people first communicate with society through the way of dressing and other choices related to one’s own lifestyle. The fashion industry represents its business expression involving millions of people worldwide. Creativity is a delicate field that implements many different kind of information and requires a deep cultural background; also it requires the ability to use such culture in a personal and original way in order to create innovation.

The program encompasses all the numerous tools needed to prepare students to manage a complete range of tools necessary to face such a complex Industry. The program gives students a connection to all facets of the fashion industry, from product design and development, ultimately focusing on marketing and management. Companies now require employees who possess a variety of managerial skills to scale a business from start-up stage to a more developed business model. Students obtain an understanding of textiles, garment construction, quality criteria and apparel merchandising. Students will also assimilate how to apply concepts necessary for the decision-making they will encounter in their future careers.

Program Vision

The Bachelor program in Fashion Design is aimed to incorporate a curriculum that will develop critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and leadership skills in learners to apply design thinking to solve complex problems in dynamic global fashion industry.

Program Mission

The mission of the Fashion Design Bachelor Degree is to encompass a multifaceted approach to shape the professionals that will shape the Fashion Industry tomorrow both in the Industry and in its deeper cultural side.


The 126 credit curriculum is designed to equip students with a broad based exposure to all aspects of Fashion Design while focusing on specific Concentration areas for rewarding careers in fashion businesses and industries. The diverse range of courses offered in the program introduces students to a wide range of expertise and knowledge in General Education, Fashion Design functional areas and Fashion Design electives. 33 credits in General Education courses for Personal & Professional development, competence in Fashion Design is achieved through the study of 54 credit core courses, and competence in a specific business area is achieved through the study of 21 credit Concentration courses. The 15 credit elective courses and 3 credits for internship are designed to broaden students’ knowledge and perspective of Fashion Design education beyond their field of Concentrations.


  • Concentration Visual Communication
  • Concentration Accessories Design
  • Electives for Bachelor in Fashion Design


  • General Education Requirements
  • Fashion & Design Core Requirements
  • Fashion Business Management
  • Fashion Business Management Electives
  • Internship

Learning and Teaching Strategy

The Bachelor Program in Fashion Design is founded on the principles that the most effective educational experience combines structured teaching and personal development. Courses are designed to offer students the chance to meet both theoretical and practical subjects in an interconnected approach. Students are exposed to a wide range of informative and technical studios often integrated through components of courses. The Program is based upon a series of teaching methods that are including, lectures, open discussions, studio, practice and presentations to compel the variety of subjects and disciplines treated according to their nature and to the skills students will acquire. The progressive move of self-directed and team approach for Projects will take place to support learners developing the ability to work in a professional environment with others and be effective team players and, at the same time to push individual creativity in the definition of one’s own identity.

Fashion Design Competencies acquired

The professional figure of a fashion designer is under constant change; mostly dominated by a global market requiring designers to produce ideas and products at a very fast pace. At present, the increased number of collections produced during one year is so high that it pushes designers under a creative pressure often not feasible with the purposes of this discipline. Still, within this change, there is a wide space for innovation and diversified approaches. The program is aimed at offering students the technical and creative tools to be able to face such a fast pace professionally and, to make them able to shape new proposals not only in terms of designs but as new business models. Careers for designers are more and more encompassing knowledge of the marketplace so as to make them able to run their own business, both as consultants as well as entrepreneurs. Industry contribution to the program, both in terms of guests and internship will support students to enter this domain with a more concrete approach. Students will also gain a vision upon the most critical issues of the disciplines. This will make them able to state the best practices to face ethical issues, sustainability, and cultural differences in a globalized world. Students will be able to face and develop the online presence of all elements at the completion of the program.


Courses will be evaluated on a variety of output including: verbal, written, digital, visual presentations as well as more in-depth technical presentations such as prototyping ad mock ups. Assignments will be designed to help students develop knowledge, skills and confidence to reach their full potential. A ‘feed forward’ on assessment tasks approach will be adopted to help students improve on their current level of performance for future assessments. Each student will be assigned an advisor who will mentor and monitor student’s progress.

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