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Program Description

Brief Introduction

The bachelor programme in Fashion Design is a 3½-year full-time programme taught in English structured as an AP degree and a BA top-up.

The Fashion Design programme will qualify you to handle de¬sign processes and to choose your materials with confidence. You will learn to work with trend research and analysis to create innovative designs for the fashion industry. Of course, the program will also equip you to keep in mind the identity of the company you work for, helping you stay true to their vision. You will acquire competencies in working creatively and visually with idea generation and in preparing graphical presentation material. All at a high level.

You will also acquire competencies in working towards a specific objective and in taking responsibility for influencing the design of the future. You will develop your own design identity. And you will get the skills necessary to handle new challenges so that you feel at home on the global fashion scene.

The programme takes place at Campus Herning.

Content and Structure

During your studies, you work on developing your personal image and mode of expression. Therefore, the programme has its main focus on idea generation and designing.

On the AP degree programme, you will work within the settings of existing brands, whereas the top-up programme trains you to be original and path-breaking.

You get to work with men’s wear, women’s wear, knitwear, prints etc. You get a profound knowledge of trends, sociology, idea generation and theory of science, which enables you to work with the design process in an experimenting and creative manner. Thus, you will be well placed to develop and present your own unique brand or mode of expression.

The common projects of the course programme enhance your competences regarding interdisciplinary collaborations, and the compulsory placement period provides you with the chance to expand your network and CV.

We strive to make sure all students form a clear and realistic picture of the fashion business and create a strong network during their education. An important part of the programme is to comprehend the design process from the first sketches all the way through to production and to be able to collaborate with other professions to achieve an idea.

The programme is organized so that you first do common core projects for all BA students and then put a profound focus on your chosen speciality. The scope of the common core projects is to give you a full insight into other areas of the design industry and to help you develop your ability to co-operate.

The purpose of both the elective course subjects and the general subjects of the speciality is to strengthen your qualifications within the area of fashion design. The objective is to help you develop your personal design image. Through the elective courses, we offer compulsory study trips and the chance to improve your skills in your chosen subject.

The placement period on the 3rd and 6th semester is a compulsory part of the programme, where you get a chance to test your skills in actual practice.

Every semester is concluded with an oral or written examination and you finish your degree with a bachelor assignment

Career Opportunities

With a BA degree in Fashion Design, you have the chance to work as a fashion designer. As the education centres on the process of idea generation, you have the skills to occupy a variety of jobs, for example as a teacher or graphic designer. Many of our former students even decide on being self-employed.

The designer provides the settings for the collection’s image. The designer does a lot of research to find just the right sources of inspiration that fit the concept. Also, the designer makes many sketches to outline the flow of the collection.

The theoretical knowledge which you acquired during your studies will be an advantage when it comes to managing a project in a design department.

Admission Requirements

VIA University College will accept applications from international students having a:

  • General upper secondary education
  • International or European Baccalaureate
  • A high school diploma in the USA/Canada + at least one year at a university/college
  • At least two years of relevant studies from universities in Africa, India, Pakistan and countries with a similar educational system
  • Students who have completed the first year of a bachelor's degree can also apply but will need individual assessment, depending on country of origin.

All students are required to have obtained mathematics/economics corresponding to a Danish level C - and English corresponding to a Danish level B.

In addition, you will have to make an admission assignment. The admission assignment for international students can be downloaded from our website from 1 February onwards.

Deadline and further details can be found in the assignment.

Last updated Apr 2020

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