Bachelor in Fashion Design and / or Fashion Techniques


Program Description

Following the completion of the Bachelor DEES Mod , the incumbent masters the conceptual instruments necessary for the deployment of his creativity and his translation into a visual and technical language, specific to fashion. He is able to make a garment from its conception, in the form of sketches, to its manufacture in fabrics, whether it is a single piece or a small series in industrial production.

The student is able to capture a trend, decrypt and position itself in this trajectory by a personal work both in style and production.

General objective of Bachelor Mode training

The Bachelor DEES Mode is a 3-year training preparing the main professions of Fashion Design and Creation: Fashion, Modeling and Sewing.

The theoretical, creative and technical modules taught during the training give students the cultural and practical knowledge of the profession, combined with personal and artistic developments.

It offers a 360-degree vision: from product design to marketing, through production, communication and marketing. The ideal curriculum to transform your passion for fashion into a real professional or entrepreneurial project.


First year

The theoretical teaching of the fundamentals, of the creation and the technique applied to the practical workshops makes it possible to train the student with the cultural, artistic and technical dimensions of the domains of the fashion.

At the end of the first year, the student visualizes the fashion world in its entirety through the acquisition of solid knowledge bases.

A highlight of the initial course consists of a real scenario that invites the student to answer a given theme by producing a complete stylistic file by producing some imagined pieces.

Second year

Deepening of fundamental techniques and practice: Creation of the garment while discovering the constraints related to its realization according to the materials used.

The student is brought to use and manipulate the Lectra software, a key reference in the fashion sector. This tool is considered as the pillar of the realization techniques expected by the recruiters of the domain.

The implementation and application of projects aims at multidisciplinary skills.

At the same time, the student discovers a marketing approach related to the marketing and distribution of a collection.

Third year

Students, having acquired the necessary skills of the disciplines and techniques of Styling, Modeling and Sewing, prepare and present the outcome of their personal project.

The realization of the project is carefully supervised by the teachers. Creative spaces and clothing are made available to students to accomplish their creations.

An event is organized to promote the creations, marking the transition from student to active life as a confirmed actor of fashion.

Disciplines studied during the course

Drawing Methodology - Sketches - Volumes - Graphical Techniques - Rendering - Colors and Visual Arts - Academy - Figurine Drawing - Illustration and Dressing - Stylistic Methodology - Textile Experimentation - Textile Printing - Computer Drawing "Adobe" Range - Technical Drawing and Industrial clothing and accessories - Materials - Model making - Molding - Sewing and Confection - Clothing retouching - Production - Industrialization Product - Lectra computer-based patterning - History of Art and Costume - Fashion Styles and Trends - Market Research - Management and Communication - Parade.

Career opportunities

The holder of Bachelor DEES MOD is at the same time artist-creator, technician and commercial. The multiple professional aspects of the Fashion professions make it fit to practice in as:

Stylist - Creator of collections - Tendancier - Draftsman CAD - Fashion Illustrator - Fashion Manager - Purchaser of textiles or collections - Modeller - Pattern maker - Prototypist - Quality product control - Couturier / Retoucher - Costumer - Image consultant - Customer advisor - Responsible for Press and Communication Media Fashion, etc.

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About the School

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