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Program Description

We are excited you are thinking about becoming part of the Hiwassee community! We are here to help you with anything and everything you need. We would love to answer any questions you may have about the College from academics to affordability and beyond.

Our campus has grown from a mere seven acres to a larger campus, comprised of eighteen buildings situated on 400 acres.

Baccalaureate programs of study are those providing a four-year college program. Students enrolled in these programs expect to enter the job market following graduation or seek preparation for graduate study or further professional study.

Hiwassee College Equestrian Center

The Hiwassee College Equestrian Center is the home of the Equestrian Studies program at Hiwassee College. In addition to offering an ideal educational environment for equestrian studies students, Hiwassee College Equestrian Center is a first-class boarding and training facility open to the public. Our philosophy is simple…the horse comes first! We specialize in providing the very best care for your horse. Hiwassee College Equestrian Center offers full care and pasture care board, riding instruction, and lessons to the public, as well as for Hiwassee College students.

Hiwassee College Equestrian Studies

Hiwassee College’s 4-year Equestrian Studies degree program offers a B.A in Equine Management and Training and B.S. in Equine Science! The Equestrian Studies program offers two tracks of study for students. The Equine Science program is a pre-veterinary study with an equine focus and the Equine Management and Training program is for students who wish to pursue a career in the equine industry as a trainer, riding instructor, or barn manager. Hiwassee College Equestrian Center offers student rate board for student-owned horses.


The Equine Science program provides a foundation for becoming actively involved in various careers in the horse world. Students selecting the Bachelor of Science in Equine Science will be prepared to enter graduate school in areas such as nutrition, genetics, reproductive physiology, and veterinary medicine.

The curriculum is heavy in basic sciences and also broad enough to meet general education requirements for these advanced degrees.

Program Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Analyze the scientific aspects of equine nutrition, reproduction, anatomy, and physiology.
  • Discuss technical information related to the equine industry to equine professionals and veterinarians.
  • Investigate emerging technologies in the industry as it relates to equine health and management.
  • Identify current practices used in managing equine health and production.

Basic Skills (13 s.h.) Hours Required

  • IDSTU 1001 or 1003 – College Foundations 1 or 3
  • ENGL 1010-1020 – Freshman Composition I & II 6
  • COMM 2120 – Oral Communication 3
  • CIS 1100 or CIS 1020 3

Mathematics/Science (22 s.h.)

  • MATH 1010 and 1530, 1630, or 1830 6
  • BIOL 1110-1120 – General Biology 8
  • CHEM 1010-1020 or 1110-1120 – General Chemistry 8

Humanities or Fine Arts (3 s.h.)

  • Any Literature except 2900 and 3320 3

Religion (3 s.h.)

  • RELI 2210 or 2220 3

Social or Behavioral Science (6 s.h.)

  • Choose from HIST 1010, 1020, 2010, and 2020 6

Public Programs (0.5 hrs per semester) 4

Total General Education Required Hours 51-53

Specified Hours for the Major* 64

Elective Hours (11 s.h.) 7-9

Total Hours Required for Graduation 124

*Students seeking a major in Equine Science should consult an adviser to design a program of study for completing 64 hours in the following major-specific courses:

  • ACCT 2010 – Principles of Accounting 3
  • BIOL 3010 – Principles of Genetics 4
  • COMM 3010 – Organizational Communication 3
  • EQSCI 1010-1020 – Basic & Novice Equitation 2
  • EQSCI 1110 – Intro to Training the Horse 3
  • EQSCI 1200 – Stable Management 3
  • EQSCI 2121 – Intro to Crop Management 3
  • EQSCI 2200 – Anatomy & Physiology of Farm Animals 3
  • EQSCI 2410 – Introduction to Horse Production 3
  • EQSCI 2450 – English Riding I 3
  • EQSCI 2500 – The Horse for Therapeutic Programs 3
  • EQSCI 2550 – Western Riding I 3
  • EQSCI 2800 – Horse Evaluation 3
  • EQSCI 3030 – Equine Law 3
  • EQSCI 3040 – Legal & Business Considerations in Ag. 3
  • EQSCI 3100 – Dressage Basics & Principles 2
  • EQSCI 3200 – Position & Introduction to Jumping 2
  • EQSCI 3450 – English Riding II 3
  • EQSCI 3550 – Western Riding II 3
  • EQSCI 3600 – Feeds and Feeding 3
  • EQSCI 3800 – Man and Horse 3
  • EQSCI 3700 – Lameness in Equine OR
  • EQSCI 3900 – Exercise Physiology 3
  • EQSCI 4000 – Horse Enterprise Management 3
  • EQSCI 4400 – Selection of the Sports Horse 2
  • EQSCI 4500-4501 – Equine Senior Internship 6
  • EQSCI 4600 – Advanced Equine Nutrition 3
  • EQSCI 4800 – Equine Diseases 3

Total Specified Hours in the Major 64

Real Life.

Hiwassee College is a place where learning comes in the classroom, but more importantly, it comes from real-world experience. You may be surprised how little you see the desk in front of you. Learning is more than hands-on. It’s real life.


With every corner you turn, you will find adventure. Athletics your thing? We’ve got almost every sport available and are always looking for talented new athletes. More the outdoorsy type? Here, you may find yourself rafting down a river of rapids, hiking a challenging trail, or simply taking in the majesty of the beautiful countryside.

The following list of colleges and universities have verified that they will accept Hiwassee College’s credits either as a direct transfer or case-by-case basis. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is an excellent set of options for students who are earning dual enrollment credits.

  • Brevard College
  • Bryan College
  • Carson-Newman University
  • Christian Brothers University
  • Clemson University
  • Cumberland University
  • East Tennessee State University
  • Emory & Henry College
  • Iowa Central Community College
  • Kentucky State University
  • Lincoln Memorial University
  • Maryville College
  • Milligan College
  • Samford University
  • St. Petersburg College
  • Tennessee Technological University
  • Tennessee Wesleyan College
  • Trevecca Nazarene University
  • Trine University
  • Tusculum College
  • University of the Cumberlands
  • University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
  • University of Tennessee-Knoxville
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We are excited you are thinking about becoming part of the Hiwassee community! We are here to help you with anything and everything you need. We would love to answer any questions you may have about t ... Read More

We are excited you are thinking about becoming part of the Hiwassee community! We are here to help you with anything and everything you need. We would love to answer any questions you may have about the College from academics to affordability and beyond. Hiwassee’s influences are not limited to the immediate area. 10,000 plus alumni are contributing to communities in 44 states and 28 countries. Some of Hiwassee’s successful alumni include: a prime minister of Jordan, a retired president of American BMW operations, an Emory heart surgeon, and a Broadway performer. In just a few short years, we hope to be able to include your name among our prospering alumni members. Read less