Bachelor in Education


Program Description

Bachelor in Education

More than ever, the world needs great teachers. Here at Birmingham-Southern College, that’s what we’ll make you. Whether you are observing, teaching, or planning lessons in the schools, you’ll immediately get a realistic picture of teaching as a profession and are given the opportunity to develop effective teaching schools—but you won’t do it alone. Our students get a mix of theory and practical experience in classrooms around Birmingham and across the globe, and they’re taught and mentored by talented faculty who have first-hand experience about what works.

We teach the way you’ll teach in your own classroom. Engage in a range of educational activities, then learn why they work and how to apply them yourself. You’ll be challenged and inspired at the same time.

You’ll get lots of hands-on experience. First-year majors spend their January term working in local classrooms, then analyze their experience during the spring semester. Students later work with youngsters in a specific area, such as reading, math, or social studies. And all of our students do at least a full semester of student teaching.

We offer small, intimate classes that characterize the Birmingham-Southern experience. Your instructors know you, and you are a part of an educational community that shares in the larger vision of the liberal arts experience and the preparation for life it offers.

All of our teacher education programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Alabama State Department of Education. The Alabama State Report card has given BSC an “A” grade for teacher education since it started rating programs.

You can get outside your comfort zone, whether that’s hitting the inner-city, teaching in a rural school, or traveling abroad to Ghana, where we have a collaborative agreement with a school system that lets our students teach and tutor in village classrooms.

You’ll learn how to think critically, how to speak clearly, how to persuade and how to lead. When you’re finished, you’ll be prepared for graduate school or to lead a classroom of your own—anywhere in the world you choose to teach.

Learning Outcomes and Departmental Mission

Upon completion of the education major, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate written communication skills,
  • demonstrate oral communication skills,
  • demonstrate knowledge of conceptual framework,
  • demonstrate dispositions necessary for teaching,
  • plan instruction,
  • articulate a philosophy of teaching,
  • demonstrate teaching skills.

Our mission statement

Birmingham-Southern College challenges students to think independently, to examine the arts and sciences aesthetically and critically, and to communicate clearly. It fosters the advancement of scholarship, personal and resourceful learning, and comprehensive advising.

The Education Department seeks to complement the mission of the college by providing an academically rigorous, intellectually stimulating program of experiences. Our mission is to produce purposeful and intentional teachers who know, know why, and know how.

The Education Department is philosophically grounded in the tenets of social constructivism and critical theory.

Courses of Study

We offer three teacher certification fields: Elementary/Collaborative, Secondary Education, and Arts Education. The Religion-Education Interdisciplinary major is also available for students not seeking certification. All are four-year undergraduate degrees.

Certification areas include elementary/collaborative education for students who wish to teach grades kindergarten through six. This major offers certification in both elementary education and collaborative teacher K-6 (special education). Certification programs are also offered for students to teach secondary education grades 6-12 and for students to teach in arts education (visual art or music education) in preschool through 12. Within these disciples, students receive degrees in their academic areas and are certified to teach.

Elementary/Collaborative Education Bachelor of Science grades K-6

  • Secondary Education grades 6-12
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English Language Arts (English Degree)
  • General Social Science (History or History/Political Science Degree)
  • History
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Spanish

Arts Education grades P-12

  • Visual Arts
  • Music Education
  • Religion-Education (non-certification)
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