Bachelor in Education

You will be authorized as a teacher for primary and lower secondary levels in three subjects. You will receive high quality theoretical instruction, and you will have 24 weeks of supervised school experience during your studies.

The first year the language of instruction is English or German, according to your choice. You will be integrated in a class of Danish students wanting to become teachers of English or German as a foreign language. Alongside you will receive intensive training in the Danish language. If you live in or move to Denmark, this course is free.

From the second year and onwards you will follow the usual syllabus in Danish. If your first subject is German you may choose either mathematics or science or English as your second subject.

In the last year you are free to choose your third subject among a wide range of possibilities, e.g. art, music, biology, special needs, home economics or sports. The academic year runs from Mid-August to December (autumn semester) and from Mid-January to Mid-May (spring semester). Exams take place in June.

Study environment

The college campus is situated in the centre of Haderslev. The oldest buildings date back to mid 19th century, and our campus is a charming mixture of old and new. You will have around 600 fellow students.

Teacher education in Haderslev has a leading position in using new technologies in teaching and learning. The use of interactive boards is an integrated part of classroom teaching. One of the characteristics for the Danish way of teaching and learning is a friendly and informal atmosphere, which is highly appreciated by our international students. The syllabus is a mixture of lectures, group work, student presentations, and project oriented learning.

Haderslev is a medieval town with about 30,000 inhabitants, beautifully situated at the east coast of Southern Jutland on a 12-kilometer-long fjord and surrounded by an extensive lake system, 50 kilometres north of the Danish-German border. There are many leisure time possibilities like sports, concerts, cinema, cafés, etc.


As an EU citizen you do not pay any fee. However, be aware that living costs are relatively high in Denmark: about 650 to 800 Euros per month in total.

We can help you find accommodation – typically flats which you share with other students. You can have a part time job alongside your study, but we do not recommend you to work during the first year because you will be very busy learning Danish.

What do we expect from you?

  • An upper-secondary leaving certificate/high school diploma
  • Fluency in English or German
  • And in particular - that you are open-minded, flexible and prepared to learn a new language

Deadline for application June 1st 2013

Non European citizens are only accepted as a result of a bilateral agreement with a university or if they have a permanent residence permit in Denmark!

Program taught in:
  • English (US)
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