Bachelor in Digital Management


Program Description

The first Bachelor’s degree in Management dedicated to Digital Management in Italy. Our Bachelor's Degree in Digital Management is your chance to change your future.

Our Mission

  • Prepare a selected group of highly motivated students for the new jobs that firms are offering.
  • Provide them with the new skills that a fast-changing world is demanding.
  • Offer students opportunities to develop new business initiatives.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the economy and the society we live in. It is redefining business models and is radically changing the competitive context in which companies operate.

These societal and economic changes affect labor markets and give rise to new jobs and new roles within organizations. It is therefore imperative for universities and business schools to prepare students for these new jobs and roles.

This is why Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in collaboration with H-FARM are offering a new Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Digital Management.



This bachelor’s degree course, the first dedicated to Digital Management in Italy, is taught completely in English and provides students with knowledge and skills that are designed to fit the demand of today’s organizations.

Courses are highly interdisciplinary and span diverse fields such as management, computer science, economics and law to deepen the students’ understanding of digital transformation and equip them with the instruments to exploit the opportunities brought about by digital technologies.

This course has been designed by Ca’ Foscari University, one of the oldest business schools in Europe, in cooperation with H-FARM Education, the H-FARM's branch that aims to design and implement academic programs that provide students with the skills needed to face current professional challenges.

Learning experience

The course will provide students with an innovative learning experience. Projects works, development of soft skills, and interactions with a community of startuppers are unique features in the academic environment.

Students have access to a series of curriculum enhancing courses that focus on a variety of topics, from public speaking to project management, from venture capital to social media marketing and much more.

Throughout the three-year course, they will learn to assess their personal skill set and to develop their own learning agenda, to acquire knowledge with autonomy, leadership, good judgment, empathy, communication and negotiation skills. All this will allow students to decipher the needs of a firm and concretely put into practice their technical knowledge in developing innovative entrepreneurial projects.

Bootcamps (immersive workshops), company visits, conferences, lectures and talks by internationally renowned professors, entrepreneurs and top managers contribute to making this Bachelor’s Degree program a truly unique course of study.

All this is possible because the degree takes place in the highly innovative environment of the H-CAMPUS, an international hub where students and professionals are guided in a digital transformation process and become informed protagonists of today’s changes.


In the first year, students will learn the fundamentals of management and its connections with the digital world from both an economic and business standpoint. The aim is to build knowledge of business management principles: accounting and budgeting techniques, microeconomic theory for businesses, mathematical and statistical methods required for digital marketing and the legal tools to do business in a digital economy.

Here are the courses offered in the first year:

  • Mathematics for Decision Sciences
  • Introduction to Digital Management
  • Fundamentals of IT Law
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Introduction to Coding and Data Management

Students will also have the opportunity to attend the following Curriculum Enhancing Courses:

  • Business English
  • Presentation Design
  • Globalization, Conflict, and Innovation
  • Infographic
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing for Impact


In the second year, the focus is on technical and operational skills, both computer-based and managerial ones: e-commerce digital marketing strategies, information security management, and the organization of digital businesses, spanning from the financing of startups to the digital transformation of established businesses.

Here are the mandatory courses offered in the second year:

  • Lab of Information System and Analytics
  • E-business, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation
  • Planning and Management Control Systems
  • Strategic and Digital Marketing
  • Organizing in a Digital World
  • Business and Digital Law
  • Financing High Growth Firms

Students will choose among electives:

  • Lab of Human-Centered Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Public Management and Social Innovation

Students will also have the opportunity to attend the following Curriculum Enhancing Courses:

  • Create a Business Plan
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Venture Capital


The third-year is specifically dedicated to hands-on labs, in areas such as computer security, strategic innovation, interaction design, and software project development.

During the second semester, all students will be involved in an internship project in a company or organization in Italy or abroad. The internships will be finalized to develop a specific project based on the company’s needs and will focus on innovation and digital transformation processes, procedures or work methods. The internship project will also be the core of the student’s final thesis.

Here are the courses offered in the first semester of the third year:

  • Economics of innovation, Growth theory and Economic development
  • Network Analysis in Social Science or Lab of computer security
  • Lab of Software Project Development

Students will choose among electives:

  • Lab of Web Technologies
  • Business Analytics
  • Financial Statement Analysis

Students will also have the opportunity to attend the following Curriculum Enhancing Courses:

  • Tech Disruptions and Innovative Business Model
  • Interaction Design
  • Business Analytics Project Work
  • Social Media Lab


Through the degree program, students will develop skills that are crucial to start their professional journey. Students have access to a dedicated Career Service and a variety of opportunities to support and prepare them to enter the job market.

The services provided are:

  • Career Passport
  • Skills for success
  • Experiential learning
  • Inspirational talks
  • Network
  • Ca' Foscari's Career Service


The Bachelor’s Degree course is limited to 105 available spaces. The quota reserved for non-EU students residing abroad is 10 places.

There will be two admission periods to enroll in the course, one in spring and one in the summer.

Each session is made up of the entrance exam and pre-enrollment, which can be done in any order (you can take the entrance exam before or after pre-enrollment).


Language Certification

For enrollment in the degree program, it is necessary to submit a valid language certification equivalent to the B2 level (corresponding to the First Certificate or an IELTS certification between 5,5-6,5) in order to enroll in the degree program. The Language Center of Ca’ Foscari (CLA) offers the possibility to take the necessary exams for the issuing of this certification.

The certification is to be submitted upon enrollment.

Financial aid and loans

The Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management requires a maximum contribution equal to 7,500 € for each academic year, without any distinction between Italian/EU students and non-EU students.

The HforHuman Foundation financially supports a 50% reduced fee for non-EU students. Ca’ Foscari provides grants according to its “Student Act” for students who possess an economic/financial condition (ISEE for financial aid for the right to study) of less than 30,000€ per year.

Student loans

Thanks to our partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo bank, all students can have access to student loans of up to €12,000 to cover tuition fees and other expenses. This loan has favorable terms and conditions designed for students’ needs.

International prospective students

Non-EU students need a student visa to enter and stay in Italy for study purposes. The time needed between first applying for an Italian student visa and later obtaining it varies between countries. We strongly advise non-EU applicants to our program to discover, from their local Italian embassy or consulate, how to apply for a visa and the average duration of this process. As soon as you receive our letter offering you a place, which you will need to support your visa application, we suggest that you immediately apply for your visa. You might even consider beginning the first steps of the application process, if this is permitted, before receiving our letter.

If you are an international student and you wish to enroll at Ca’ Foscari, you can benefit from all the services offered by the Welcome Unit of the International Office. At the Welcome Unit, we will help you obtain your Tax Code and submit your Permit of Stay request. Moreover, a Buddy will help you to become familiar with university courses and with the various locations and services the university provides.

Last updated Feb 2020

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