Breathe life into the world, craft the soundscapes of tomorrow.

The digital audio technology program has two focuses for audiophiles who live in music and think in sound effects: Audio & Music Production for those who want to make digital audio and Audio Software Development & Engineering for those who want to create gear for audio professionals.

In our Audio & Music Production program, you’ll get the chance to generate sounds and effects on a rare Crumar Spirit synthesizer and manage multiple mic inputs with a powerful Millennia 8-channel pre-amp. You’ll edit digital audio and mix music in Pro Tools and Logic, as well as create stunning sonic textures and soundscapes using Native Instruments Komplete, Tassman, and Pure Data.

The Audio Software Development & Engineering degree will teach you how to develop cutting-edge audio software, serving the needs of the local California Bay Area studio industry where much of the audio equipment is made.

You’ll learn from the best in the business, instructors who have composed music for film and TV, such as DragonBall Z, The Zookeeper and You Don’t Mess With the Zohan. Cogswell faculty include artists whose albums have played to audiences worldwide and have also created sound design and audio assets for video games such as Star Trek Online and Spiderman.

Companies tap our expertise in music and audio production by commissioning work in our MediaWorks course. Here students get the boon of working on collaborative, interdisciplinary projects for companies like Panasonic, TEDx, and Corningware.

Core Classes

  • Desktop Production Fundamentals
  • Studio Production
  • Music Perception and Cognition
  • Interactive Audio Production
  • Music Theory
  • Digital Sound Synthesis

"Cogswell gives you an audio Swiss army knife, an entire set of skills that will get you hired." Dr. Timothy Duncan, Program Director of Digital Audio Technology

Digital Audio Technology Concentrations

Audio and Music Production

Design the sounds and compose the music that makes video games, films, and other projects sound great through the use of digital audio technology. From signal flow and plug-ins to frequency analysis, you’ll learn the ins and outs of audio science, managing sessions, and files as you work toward your music production degree. You’ll create sub-mixes, mix automation and eventually manage full-cycle studio production. Audio mastering classes will show you the final steps in preparing a recording for disk manufacture.

Audio Software Development and Engineering

Program the audio software that delivers the best in digital audio through a top-notch combination of sound skill and audio engineering prowess. Learn what digital signal processing is and study the features of commercial audio software plug-ins as you design and implement your own applications for audio software engineering. Interactive audio courses teach you audio event triggering and real-time audio services for multiple platforms. Audio software development classes will have you applying digital audio and implementing real-time MIDI control.

In-Studio Audio Equipment & Software

  • Pro Tools
  • Logic
  • Reason
  • PureData
  • Adobe Audition
  • Audacity
  • FMOD (game integration)
  • Wwise (game integration)
  • 8-channel Millennia Pre Amp
  • Pro Tools HDX 192 audio interface
  • Synthesizers, including Crumar Spirit (one of 260 units ever built)
  • Ensoniq Fizmo
  • Yamaha CS-60
  • Microphones
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