Design of Cinema, TV & Theatre

The Department was established to be the first nucleus of the Faculty of Drama at Al-Ahliyya Amman University, which represents a continuation and confirmation of the University leadership among Jordanian and regional universities.

Man is the maker of thought and art and the creator of culture. At the forefront of our strategy is qualifying graduates and preparing them to assume their roles in serving the nation. For this purpose, a new specialization was introduced which is considered the most prominent tool of communication and discourse between people and which is closely related to visual drama and media. This step also aims to promote curricula in accordance with international quality standards and criteria, which requires the permanent development of teaching performance and the technical and artistic components.


Producing remarkable, versatile, competitive, and innovative artists who are versed in the requirements of the profession and the labor market, and able to communicate and interact positively with the community and the events of the world.


Producing cadres specialized in landscape design in the fields of TV, cinema, and theater drama, visual media, such as live broadcast programs, mass media programs, TV talk shows, and national and advertising festivals.

Developing student skills in all the other relevant arts, such as production, acting, TV and cinematic photography, montage, scriptwriting, advertising, animation, architecture, painting, music and advanced computer skills.

About the Program and Skills Offered

Drama is a composite art that combines many other arts. It converges animation arts, such as production, acting, and rhythmic dancing, with visual arts, such as plastic arts with its various branches, and landscape design, and audio arts, such as music, singing, and recitation. It also encompasses architecture, interior design, graphic design, animation art, and photography, not to mention literary creations such as screenwriting, authoring, criticism, and poetry, in addition to special computer skills, e.g. montage, two- and three-dimensional design, tricks, and visual effects programs.

As teamwork is the most important characteristic of drama and TV media arts, it is imperative for every member of the team to learn about and become fully conversant with the other arts to be able to work with everyone in complete harmony. Therefore, the graduates of this program will acquire numerous basic and supporting skills in this discipline as well as in several other disciplines.

Skills of the Program:

The graduates of the BA degree in the Department of Cinema, Television, and Theater Design will develop the following skills:

Basic skills:

  • Decoration, costumes, and accessories design.
  • Lighting design
  • Design and implementation of tricks and visual effects
  • Computer-aided design and implementation of tricks
  • Two- and three-dimensional computer-aided design
  • Scenario preparation Skills
  • Basics of production and acting arts
  • Art and literary criticism
  • Music appreciation and analysis
  • TV and cinematic photography skills

Supporting Skills

  • Montage programs
  • Graphic design programs
  • Animation programs
  • Writing and literary criticism skills

Expected Employment Areas

In addition to working in the three branches of the program:

1.TV 2. Cinema 3. Theater

  • Montage programs
  • Graphic design programs
  • Animation programs
  • Writing and literary criticism skills
Program taught in:
  • English (US)
  • Arabic

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