Bachelor in Control and Financial Audit


Program Description

What exactly does the specialization in Control and Financial Audit involve?

It is a Bachelor program which is based on both a theoretical and a practical hands-on approach to learning. It specializes in Audit through means of an in-depth and critical educational knowledge transfer. Graduates who major in this field will be skilled in audit in its broad scale, accounting, financial analysis, management control, risk management, research and investigation. Apart from this, students will benefit from advancing their managerial and lingual capabilities.

How did this specialization come into formation?

As part of our social responsibility, a broad study on the job market was conducted which revealed the following:

  • The market lacks of adequately qualified individuals within the field of Control and Financial Audit. Moreover, there is a shortage in an educational and practical sense thus this gap requires to be filled.
  • A gradually increasing demand for qualified auditors exists within Jordan, regionally and internationally.

What is different about this specialization?

The specialization in Control and Financial Audit is one of the most demanded in the market. Professions such as Internal Auditor, Tax Officer, Forensic Investigator, Organizational Control and Development Officer, and Financial Auditor lack the relevant education to fulfill these job qualification requirements.

BDO Jordan aims to employ at least 30 graduates annually, thus reflecting high returns on educational investment.

Throughout enrollment within the specialization, students will be in the position to pursue relevant professional certification, ranging from a choice of CIA, CPA, JCPA and IFRS Diploma. BDO will adopt an oversight role and act as an incubator and mentor for a smooth running of the specialization as well as to serve as a knowledge-transfer agent through a dedicated team which will ensure practical application of theoretical knowledge to strengthen students’ capabilities.

This specialization is strongly based on accounting and auditing software systems and include programs such as ACL, CCH, and Case Ware.

The specialization will be taught in English language, with special monitoring efforts on language development in order to strengthen students’ lingual capabilities. We believe that students with a weak command of English have an opportunity to improve their language. In parallel to theoretical foundations of the specialization, students will have the opportunity to take part in hands-on practical training of at least 90 hours which will be conducted through the ongoing support of BDO.

About BDO

BDO provides services in fields of accounting, audit, consulting and tax and is ranked as the 5th largest professional services firm worldwide. As part of our social responsibility, BDO Jordan visions its role as an incubator and leader of innovation in the area of Control and Financial Audit education.

Why did BDO partner with the Amman Arab University?

  • The Amman Arab University is considered to be a highly reputable academic institution with a long history, from which a large number of talented professionals have graduated holding Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees.
  • The Amman Arab University is a nonprofit organization.
  • The University embraces an innovative and flexible approach towards academic excellence and innovation.

Is this Bachelor specialization taught at other Universities?

This specialization is considered to be the first of its kind in the Middle East and is taught at 14 other Universities within various countries worldwide.

What are the tuition fees?

Tuition for this specialization is set at $183 per credit hour. Our goal is determined to be not-for-profit and is focused on developing young talent through hands-on practical education and continuous support through BDO.

This tuition fee was established through precise research of comparable specializations and priced to take into account the financial means of students and their families.

In comparison to specializations of similar nature, the tuition fees are considered to be of lower expense.

How does this educational curriculum differ from a pure accounting specialization?

This specialization provides a comprehensive accounting modern and practical accounting foundation. It additionally provides in-depth coverage of auditing, which is reflected in a well-designed curriculum structure combining practical and theoretical education.

Can students from other majors or other universities to transfer to this specialization? Students have the opportunity to transfer to this specialization in order to grant them with the freedom of choice to follow their true interests. BDO will offer support to students by providing them with educational bridging measures to enable a smooth transition by complementing knowledge. Each case will be attentively evaluated and a program will be tailored to transferring students to target a successful transition based on the established need. We ultimately believe that such benefits will pave the way to a successful future career path for students.

Last updated Feb 2018

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