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Program Description

Why choose computer science at USF?

Computer Science is a career that continuously grows and changes, and it can be utilized in just about every field: business, medical, education, law enforcement/security, service industries, communication (voice, visual and print), science, engineering, gaming/simulations, manufacturing, and more. You name it, and computer science is right there, making it work in so many different ways. So, if you want a career in a field that is always new, always challenging and always growing, computer science is for you, and the University of St. Francis will help you be ready through unique learning experiences.

You will learn:

  • That you can attend seminars on topics from Bioinformatics to Human-Computer Interaction to Game Programming.
  • To design a top-notch website and how to support the infrastructure it needs.
  • To work on real-world projects that offer service opportunities in and out of the classroom.
  • That you can study C++, Java, Visual Basic, and more.

What is Computer Science? Programs that control what computers can do like move a robotic arm; track patient information; provide data for a 911 call or shuffle a deck of cards are developed by computer science programmers.

Get out in the real world!

Real world application of the theory you learn is important, particularly in the field of computer science where the specific operating systems, programs, even languages will change over the years. We teach the theory firmly grounded in the application in today’s corporate world.

Getting out in the real world is an important component of the innovation that USF students can expect to experience. Our students pursue internships at top companies:

  • Argonne National Laboratory
  • Caterpillar
  • Spring Green
  • Intercon Solutions
  • Littelfuse
  • Sports Nutrition Direct
  • Franciscan Communities
  • Joliet Fire Department
  • Turtol

Service learning works

Service learning allows students to apply what they know to benefit the community and at the same time gain practical experience. Many of our required courses have a service-learning component.

We also look for service opportunities with groups like the Franciscan Sisters. Six of our students worked over a semester for upper division course credit on a portal application for the retirement community that is run by the Franciscan Sisters. They had the responsibility for implementing the database, web access, login interfaces and legacy applications. With the completion of the project, this portal is now used by some 1,300 people. This is a unique college experience. Our students used the skills and theory they had learned in class on a “real world” scale. They had the satisfaction of helping out a charitable institution. And, they had a unique project to put on their resumes.

Just for High School Seniors

Not sure if Computer Science is right for you? We’ll give you a taste of the Computer Science curriculum and college life.
High school seniors may take either or both of these college courses on campus:

  • Visual Basic, Comp 141 an introductory programming course
  • Microcomputers, Comp 200 to learn about hardware and get your hands on machines

You’ll attend classes with regularly enrolled college students so you get to discover the college experience for yourself. To participate in this unique opportunity in Computer Science, high school seniors will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • 3.0+GPA
  • High School Guidance Counselor or Math Teacher recommendations
  • Strong math grades

Tuition is at a reduced rate. Both courses are three credit hours. Classes meet one evening per week for the semester (16 weeks). This is part of the Advanced College Credit Program (ACCP).

Just for Transfer Students

USF’s Computer Science program offers specialized majors available to capstone your community college experience:

  • Computer Science/Electronics
  • Computer Science/Game Design and Programming
  • Information Technology/Network Specialist

With the appropriate A.A.S degree, you can graduate in two years from the University of St. Francis because our transfer agreements with local community colleges—Joliet Junior College, College of DuPage, Moraine Valley Community College and others—make it easy!

Major Program (60 semester hours)

Required Courses

  • COMP 135 Introduction to Information Technology (3)
  • COMP 140 Computer Science I (4)
  • COMP 150 Computer Science II (3)
  • COMP 200 Microcomputer Systems (3)
  • COMP 201 Introduction to DBMS (3)
  • COMP 253 JAVA with Data Structures (3)
  • COMP 254 Advanced Data Structures (3)
  • COMP 335 Operating Systems (3)
  • COMP 356 Theory of Programming Languages (3)
  • COMP 400 Database Management (3)
  • COMP 480 Senior Project (3)
  • COMP XXX Four upper-level elective courses in Computer Science (12)
  • MATH 175 Statistics (4)
  • MATH 181 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (5)
  • MATH 182 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (5)
  • MATH 326 Discrete Mathematics OR MATH XXX (approved math elective) (3)
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