Bachelor in Computer Science


Program Description

Why pursue a computer science degree at North Central College?

The field of computer science offers students many exciting and rewarding career options. Graduates with a computer science degree from North Central College are in demand from employers familiar with the high quality of our program and our graduates. Not only are our graduates thoroughly grounded in both the theory and practice of the field, but they possess a broad set of skills that stem from a well-rounded education from North Central College.

You can also:

  • Engage in prestigious, paid internships or co-ops, working side-by-side with professionals for while you complete your degree.
  • Participate in co-curricular activities related to computing and engineering, where you can work on various projects related to area of your interest.
  • Study abroad for periods ranging from a few weeks to a year and still graduate in just four years.
  • Work with faculty members on research projects.
  • Be a part of North Central’s Summer Undergraduate Research Colloquium or Rall Symposium and present your findings at local, regional or national undergraduate research conferences.

Computer Science, B.A.

Computer science offers a mix of theory of computation, software development, systems concepts, and computing applications. Our graduates are employed in a wide range of companies and research labs.

Major Requirements

Core Courses
  • CSCE 160 - Introduction to Computer Programming
  • CSCE 210 - Data Structures
  • CSCE 220 - Computer Organization and Design
  • CSCE 230 - Discrete Structures
  • CSCE 306 - Object Oriented Software Development
  • CSCE 340 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSCE 420 - Operating Systems
  • CSCE 494 - Senior Capstone

  • One four credit hour CSCE or INFS elective at the 200-level or above
  • One four credit hour CSCE elective at the 300-level or above *
  • One four credit hour CSCE elective at the 400-level *


*Internships may not be used to fulfill requirements.

Computer Science Internships and Jobs

A North Central education integrates career preparation with rich academic study. Our faculty encourages you to refine and apply your knowledge in an interconnected world. Here you'll learn to think independently and work globally to solve problems and lead.


  • Co-op Software Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory, near Lemont, IL
  • Intern, Ecolab, Naperville, IL
  • Intern, Google, Kirkland, WA
  • Web designer, Websolutions, Inc., Aurora, IL
  • Security intern, Navistar, Warrenville, IL
  • Engineering and software QA, Informatica, Warrenville, IL


Recent graduates in computer science include:

  • Applications Engineer, Emerson Electric Co., Rosemont, IL
  • Network Engineer, Arris International, Lisle, IL
  • Software Engineer, Open Data Group, Chicago, IL
  • Software Engineer, Job Cost, Inc., Naperville
  • Associate Consultant at SWC Technology Partners, Oak Brook, IL
  • Software Developer at NextCapital, Chicago, IL
  • Consultant at West Monroe Partners, Chicago, IL
  • Software engineer, Google, New York, NY
  • Software engineer, Google, Mountain View, CA
  • Software engineer specialist, Argonne National Laboratory, near Lemont, IL
  • Software development manager, VisTracks, Lisle, IL
  • Senior product manager, Informatica, Warrenville, IL
  • Software automation tester, Interactive Intelligence Inc., Indianapolis, IN
  • Web developer, Seattle Sutton, Ottawa, IL

Invest in your future

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Merit scholarships, grants, loans, campus employment - these are just some of the resources available to you. Over 95 percent of students and 100 percent of all eligible students receive aid. Let our team partner with you in finding the best value for your education.

Admission Timeline

North Central makes admission decisions on a rolling basis starting on October 1 for the next academic year. While there is no set deadline, we recommend the following priority deadlines for full consideration and to allow time for visa processing:

  • May 1 - for the semester beginning in August
  • October 1 - for the semester beginning in January.

Our academic calendar will have two semesters starting in August 2020, and you can start your program in August or January. Most new students begin in August.

Last updated Nov 2019

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