Bachelor in Chinese (as a Foreign Language)


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Program Description

Bachelor in Chinese (as a Foreign Language)

The Program has two subprograms - the Chinese Language and the Business Chinese.

  • Students in the Subprogram of the Chinese Language are trained to be specialized personnel of the Chinese language, knowledgeable about China and adaptable to the needs of the modern international development.
  • Students in the Subprogram of the Business Chinese are trained to be those who can practice commercial trades in fluent Chinese, knowledgeable about China and adaptable to the needs of the modern commerce.

Study Length

The length of study for the Program is four years, which can be prolonged to a maximum of eight years.

Study Place

Students study at Zhuhai Campus in the first and second year, at Guangzhou Campus in the third and fourth year.

Course Arrangement

Chinese (as a Foreign Language) Undergraduate Program is divided into two directions: General Chinese language and Business Chinese. Students in either of the direction of the first two years will take same basic courses which include elementary and intermediate Chinese, conversational Chinese, listening, extensive reading and basic composition. Students of the third and fourth years will take courses according to their chosen direction:

Courses for General Chinese Language direction Advanced Comprehensive Course, Advanced Conversational Chinese, Chinese Composition, Modern Chinese Language, Basic Classical Chinese Language, Chinese Culture, Chinese Newspaper Reading and other elective courses.

Courses for Business Chinese direction

Comprehensive Business Chinese, Conversational Business Chinese, Chinese Business Composition, Chinese Business Reading, Economy of Current China, Basic Economics, International Trade and other elective courses.


Graduation certificates will be issued when students have fulfilled the stipulated curriculum, acquired enough credits, completed the thesis on Chinese language and passed Band 8 of HSK. Students who satisfy the relevant requirements will be conferred upon the B.A. degree.

Note: Students with HSK 5 do not have to start the study from the first year. Before the study, students need to take a placement test to decide which grade they will be taken in.

Entry Requirements

Applicants for undergraduate programs should have finished senior high school and be at the age of 18 - 45 and healthy. The score for the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) should be new grade 4 or above (180 scores) for science, new grade 5 or above (180 scores) for humanity, economics, and management.

Required Materials

  • High school certificate (students from non-English spoken countries should give a verified English or Chinese version copy)
  • International students application form
  • High school official transcript (students from non-English spoken countries should give a verified English or Chinese version copy)
  • Passport copy (the page with head photo)

applicants who have already studied at universities (in the home country or China), can be accepted as transfer students. Besides above materials, university transcript, certificate of HSK 3, and certificate of former university enrollment should also be provided.

Last updated February 2018

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