The Bachelor study programme in Chemistry and Technology is designed primarily for applicants from abroad; i.e., students who pay tuition. All courses are conducted in English.

Graduates of the programme acquire basic knowledge and skills in mathematics; physics; inorganic, organic, physical, and analytical chemistry; biology; and biochemistry.

Theoretical instruction is supplemented with a wide range of hands-on laboratory opportunities which develop and strengthen each student's practical abilities.

Throughout the programme, core compulsory subjects are complemented with instruction in compulsory-optional and optional study specialization subjects (see Complete Curriculum) provided by the various UCT Prague faculties.

The study programme is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and is in accordance with requirements of the Bologna Process - European Higher Education Area.


The main aims of the study programme are to prepare graduates—all of whom acquire excellent theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and experience in basic natural science disciplines—for continuing their studies at the Master level and/or prepare them for professional positions in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, at research institutions, or in the public sector.

Chemistry and Technology (Specialization in Chemistry, Technology and Material)


Bachelor´s study programme Chemistry and Technology aims at completion and extension of basic knowledge and skills in mathematics, physics and chemistry. The study specialization offers a wide range of laboratory work which strengthens practical skills and properly completes and extends theoretical knowledge. Students are taught common compulsory subjects which are later completed by specialized compulsory-optional and optional courses of individual faculties. At the Faculty of Chemical Technology students may focus their professional profiles towards specialized fields – production and properties of metals, glasses or ceramic materials, materials for electronics, plastics and rubber, materials with exceptional properties, biocompatible materials and nano- or submicron-scale structured materials. They can also get knowledge of surface modifications and anticorrosion protection of materials. The Bachelor´s study programme is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and is in accordance with the European education requirements based on the Bologna process.


The main aim of the study programme is to prepare the graduates to further Master degree study programme in related branches at the UCT Prague, or to be ready to acquire qualified positions in a specialized workplace. Graduates have excellent theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experience in basic natural scientific disciplines and might either continue in further studies or aspire to find a specialized job in a related field of engineering they have studied. The graduates are well prepared to acquire qualified positions in production plants of metallurgical, glass-making, ceramics, polymers, electro-technical and automotive industries. They can also find qualified jobs in research and development institutions and laboratories oriented towards materials sciences, in inspecting and supervisory authorities and also in trade and administration.

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Last updated December 14, 2018
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Sep 2019
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