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Program Description

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The Degree in Business and Management is part of the international initiative of the School of Management and Economics, which is now recognized in many international scientific agreements and exchange programs for students and academics from foreign universities.

Educational aims and objectives

The new degree in Business Administration is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of the companies from 2 different points of view:

  • Companies structure (their composition and organisation);
  • Companies functioning (their way of manage concrete situations). For this purpose, the analysis pivots on the study of business functions (marketing, production, finance, organization, administration & control and strategy) in various types of companies of different sectors (from financial companies to public administration).

The specific objective will be achieved:

  • Acquiring a managerial-administrative forma mentis, characterized by the ability in problem solving;
  • Handling the companies’ operating mechanisms;
  • Acquiring the necessary technical skills in the following fields: administration, accounting, finance and marketing.

The educational path is composed by a common basic preparation and a plurality of curricula:

  • The first part of this path focuses primarily on managerial disciplines and secondly on economic, law, mathematical and statistic disciplines.
  • The second part of the educational path is characterized by a greater specialization that prepares the student to the main professional opportunities related with this type of degree.

To ensure international participation, the Business Management Degree will be delivered entirely in English and various courses will be taught by visiting professors.

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Fundation programme

Admission to Italian first cycle degree is usually subject to at least 12 years of secondary school attendance.

Undergraduate students that obtained their secondary school Diploma after a period shorter than 12 years may join the Foundation Programme: a one-year online course providing 60 credits consisting mainly in Italian language and culture and other subjects of interest. International students are allowed to attend the whole programme online in their own countries, except the final test that will take place at the University of Turin.

Foundation Programme is also open for a maximum amount of 30 credits in Italian language and culture to students whose school year ends six months before the Italian school year and are not required to obtain further University credits.

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Career opportunities

The typical career opportunities of a graduate in Business Administration are primarily:

  • in Companies (profit and non-profit) and public administrations, in roles with significant managerial and professional content in different management areas (accounting, finance, budgeting and control, marketing, organization and personnel);
  • in Professional Studies, initially with roles of assistant, and then taking professional roles performed independently after having passed the state examination to practice the profession of Chartered Accountant;
  • in Auditing Companies, initially as a Junior Auditor, then assuming roles of greater responsibility and coordination as a Senior Auditor;
  • in Consulting Firm with specialization in various subjects connected with the administrative and managerial aspects;
  • in Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial Intermediaries, as analyst and monitoring for customers.

A graduate in Business Administration, having a knowledge of the administrative, management and organization of companies and being in possession of a multidisciplinary background based on quantitative analysis, legal, economic and social, is capable of performing functions related to different professions such as :

  • Assistant / administration
  • Assistant / responsible for management control
  • Assistant / Head of treasury and corporate finance
  • Statutory auditor (freelancer)
  • Auditor in audit firm
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Officer / Head of Business Development
  • Officer / Head of HR (human resources)
  • Accounting Specialist (section B of the Register of Accountants and Auditors)
  • Management consultant company
  • Credit analyst
  • Family banker
  • Analyst / Head of Cash Management
  • Insurance Agent
  • Brokers and financial advisors and insurance
  • Stock trader
  • Financial Advisor
  • Trader in the financial markets
  • Risk managers in the private or public undertakings
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